What is occupational risk and how it is assessed

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Occupational risk is considered the probability of the occurrence of any undesirable events that are directly related to the occupation and work, with particular emphasis on health problems.

Occupational risk in legal theory

The 1997 Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy provides a definition of occupational risk. According to it, we should use this term to describe the probability of the occurrence of dangerous, sudden and undesirable events, directly related to the work performed, which cause certain losses, among others, the occurrence of health problems.

Occupational risk in legal theory
Occupational risk in legal theory

According to the Labor Code, every employer is obliged to take certain measures that are related to occupational risk:

  • Document and assess the occupational risks associated with the type of work performed and apply all necessary preventive measures to reduce the risk of undesirable events.
  • Apply all measures to prevent occupation-related diseases.
  • Inform all its employees about the possibility of occupational risks directly related to the occupation, and about the regulations, rules and ways to prevent risks, as well as protection against them or ways to act when they occur.
  • Conduct necessary training related to occupational health and safety.

Procedures at occupational risk

All the procedures that are associated with occupational risk assessment are quite a lot. The most important is that only those who are authorized to do so can perform the assessment, among others. external experts, employers or occupational health and safety specialists.

A full occupational risk assessment consists of several basic stages, the first of which is the identification of possible risks, the assessment of all types of risks, the establishment of preventive measures, as well as the control of actions taken

It is important to note that the occupational risk assessment and any actions that are related to it are the responsibility of every employer.

Documentation of occupational risks
Documentation of occupational risks

Documentation of occupational risks must include the following groups of information:

  • description and characteristics of the job
  • all information that relates to the identification of possible hazards
  • estimation of all parameters of occupational risk and its valuation
  • information on the acceptance criteria, as well as the level of acceptable risk
  • protective measures that are necessary to eliminate hazards or reduce the risk of their occurrence.
  • Standards, regulations and guidelines when assessing occupational risks.
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