Digital Nomads, who are Digital Nomads and how do they live?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Digital Nomad is a concept that is a combination of modernity and the traditional term for tribes living a nomadic lifestyle. Nomads moved from place to place in search of better living conditions. The Digital Nomad may bring an association with the nomads from the game Cyberpunk, which is not such a distant association. Who is the Digital Nomad and how does he live? That’s what you’ll find out in our article.

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Digital Nomad – Digital Nomad who is he?

The original nomad, as we mentioned, led a nomadic lifestyle to find a place with fertile soil, access to water and food. After utilizing the place, that is, harvesting fruits, obtaining animals, materials they moved on. Digital nomads operate similarly. Their only constancy is the need to access the Internet, and thanks to modern technology, they are not tied to their location. They work and live in many places around the world, and thanks to technology they have access to many tools, but also the ability to communicate with people from all over the world. Distance is not a problem for them. Digital nomads spend many months on the road – they work online, blog, are influencers, consultants who don’t need an office. The world is their office, and they mostly work where they want. Many people wait for the opportunity to travel, thanks to vacations or retirement. Digital Nomad simply travels and works by being their own boss. The prerequisite for their business is access to the Internet, and their workplace can be a coffee shop, a library and many other places where there is enough space for them to work. They combine the pleasure of exploring new places with their work. It is not uncommon that their work is just directly related to learning about countries, different cultures and interesting people.

Digital Nomad how to earn to travel?

Can anyone be a digital nomad? Both yes and no. First of all, it is a matter of individual capabilities, readiness for change, entrepreneurship, ability to communicate, desire to travel and work, but also to pursue a profession that fosters this. What is the profession of a Digital Nomad?

  • copywriters
  • programmers
  • graphic designers
  • editors
  • bloggers
  • vloggers
  • influencers
  • photographers
  • foreign language translators
  • foreign language teachers
  • SEO specialists
  • social media specialists
  • journalists
  • travelers
  • coaches
  • illustrators

The list of professions is sure to expand even further over time. More and more companies are offering employees to work remotely, so even a typical office job done online can bring the opportunity to be a digital nomad. Most important, however, are personal preferences and readiness for change.

Digital Nomad advantages of this lifestyle and work

What are the advantages of being a digital nomad? Undoubtedly, it is the freedom and liberty provided by the ability to work remotely in the place of one’s choice and at the time of one’s choice. Here, there are no standard hours of 8am to 4pm, and the digital nom ad manages his own time and can be more effective in the 4 or 6 hours of his work than if he did it all day in the office. Another advantage of working as a modern nomad, is higher wages. However, here additional skills are necessary, such as a very good command of a foreign language, the ability to communicate, investing in marketing, recognizing the environment and simply acting. Working with foreign clients gives the opportunity to gain higher earnings than a cyber nom ad staying in New York and working with clients from Poland. In addition, nomads often choose to earn in a stronger currency than that of the country in which they temporarily reside. Therefore, nomads often choose Thailand or other Asian countries, but earn there in dollars, for example. This allows them to live in more comfortable conditions, and they can use the money they earn to further explore the country.

Digital Nomad disadvantages!

Despite the many advantages of digital nomad work, there are also disadvantages. One of them is the possible feeling of loneliness that comes with being away from home and friends. Not everyone has the lightness to adapt to new places and meet strangers. Living alone is natural for some and very difficult for others, so this type of work is dedicated to those who are not afraid of loneliness. Another disadvantage of digital nomad work is the lack of stability. It is a constant travel and change of place, environment, and often culture and customs. This lifestyle also hinders the possibility of having a family, maintaining relationships, although at the same time it does not exclude it. In addition, the digital nomad needs to invest in the right quality equipment, at first it may seem like a considerable expense to buy a good laptop that will meet their needs. There are companies that buy laptops after the lease period and sell them in their stores. This allows the customer to purchase the device up to 70% cheaper than in a traditional store.

Being a digital nomad is a fascinating occupation, but it is not for everyone. However, if you have the skills, profession and aptitude described in the article, you can combine your job with travel and a passion for freedom. It’s not a lifelong job for everyone, it’s not uncommon for nomads to eventually decide to settle down in a particular place, but over the years they enjoy the flexibility that such a lifestyle brings.

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