Top 5 ways to increase your chances of getting a job

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Inflation and increased needs are forcing many people to change employment and look for better-paying jobs. After all, mortgage payments are also rising, and many Poles are in debt. Of course, this is compounded by one’s own ambitions and desire for advancement or dissatisfaction with one’s current job. However, it is necessary to pass through the “sieve” of recruitment before taking a job. Meet the top 5 ways to increase your chances of getting a job.

Top 1: a new hairstyle will give you confidence – bet on styling men’s hair with hair paste

While substantive preparation is most important, you should undoubtedly increase your chances of getting a job by working on your appearance. A better appearance gives you confidence and makes you more presentable. So take care of yourself and put your mind to styling your men’s hairstyle with hair paste. Choose a new cut that suits your face shape. Without a doubt, elegant hairstyles include the side part, as well as the slice back. You can style each of them with the right hair paste. Choose one with a strong hold if you want to make sure that regardless of the conditions, such as strong winds on the way to a job interview, your hairstyle will look impeccable.

Top 2: make sure you look neat and have an elegant dress code

Hairstyle isn’t everything, so you also need to make sure you dress appropriately. Certainly, a well-tailored suit is best, but you don’t necessarily have to wear a tie. Here a lot depends on the dress code of the company, as well as what position you are applying for. In general, however, in office fashion, shirts with a botton down collar are often used, for which no tie is worn. The suit should be tailored, but at the same time comfortable, it should not restrict your movements. You must feel comfortable whether you are sitting or standing, or making any gestures. Certainly, gesticulation should be limited, but that’s the next stage of preparation.

Top 3: exude confidence and practice self-presentation in front of the mirror.

Self-presentation during a job interview is very important. In short, you must be able to sell yourself. You can’t make nervous movements, fix your hair, stomp your foot or rub your face or twirl your pen. Any nervous tics distract from the content of your message and, above all, betray nervousness. Of course, it’s not just your posture that counts, a firm, confident handshake at the beginning, and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer, because you also need to be substantively prepared. If you get asked if you have any weaknesses or vulnerabilities, you can’t answer that you don’t have any, even if you think you do, because that discredits you. You can say that you have a tendency to workaholism or that you pay too much attention to details, because such flaws can be turned into strengths. In the same way, by the way, as a problem with assertiveness, because you can present it in such a way that you never refuse to perform new tasks, and therefore are not afraid of challenges. Such details during an interview matter. If the recruiter asks you about the most important turning point in your past work or your ability to get out of crisis situations, you need to focus on that and not stray from the topic. The more specific you answer, the better. Also remember that smiling is important, if you have a problem because you’re ashamed of your teeth, get your teeth fixed at the dentist beforehand.

Top 4: learn as much as you can about the company you want to get hired at.

It is also very important to learn in depth about the company’s successes, but also its difficulties. It’s also worth knowing its history, i.e. the highlights of its operations, and it’s not a matter of forging dates on a sheet of metal, but showing that the company’s policy or philosophy is close to your heart and that’s why you want to take up employment there. If the company has had some troubles, and you have ideas on how to resolve such crises, you can also share this when you get asked what you can bring to a particular company.

Top 5: get additional qualifications and skills

The course of the interview can vary, you will certainly get a warm-up question to start with, so that you say something about yourself. You can mention your education or qualifications, but it’s also good to mention your passions, especially those that can somehow be related to your duties and show you as a creative person. If you don’t think you’re qualified enough, then put yourself forward for additional training. You can polish a foreign language, or take a course in progamming, or in operating specialized programs needed for the job.

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