Fashionable and practical lighting for a small dressing room

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Even in a small studio apartment it is possible to set aside space for a modest closet. Contrary to appearances, it is a great idea to organize the limited space in a practical and ergonomic way. What’s more, such a minimalist dressing room can become an extremely attractive place in terms of aesthetics.

But how to illuminate this type of space? How to deal with a small room, where light plays a very important role on a daily basis? We suggest some interesting, and at the same time in line with current interior design trends, solutions.

Small dressing room – minimalist lighting

In a modest dressing room we can not count on access to natural light. Therefore, we must resort to artificial light. We will use such a dressing room at different times of the day, but also in the evening and even at night. This is because here we will find clothes for work, for an evening party or coming home at night after a long trip.

A small space requires giving up spacious, spreading and hanging lamps, which will not only take up such an important place, but also visually overwhelm it. With such lamps, there will be no question of functionality, and yet this aspect is also at stake.

Therefore, in a small dressing room we rely on minimalist lighting – these can be plafonds, available at also point sources of light. In both versions, the dressing room will gain in functionality, moreover, you can count on a cozy atmosphere of this special place.

Lighting installed in the furniture

If we care about every inch of wardrobe space, we can abandon traditional lamps altogether in favor of illumination in the applied furniture or built-in cabinets and closets.

Illuminated rods, on which hangers with clothes will hang, will come in handy. LED strips can be installed on individual shelves. An interesting, practical and inexpensive solution will be battery-operated touch lights, which are suitable for sticking anywhere.

Floor lamp and table lamp

If a small dressing room is organized in such a way that there is room for a modest cabinet with drawers or a free corner, it will be worth betting on a floor lamp or a table lamp. They will provide additional light, moreover, they will allow you to create an atmospheric corner. Moreover, they will enrich the aesthetics of the wardrobe space. Both proposals are also in line with current interior trends, so they will conquer the tastes of household members who count on a practical, yet fashionably designed dressing room.

Light color – an important issue

Do not forget about a very important issue, which is the color of light. In the dressing room we choose clothes, try them on and create overall styling. Therefore, we need lighting in which we will see real colors, shapes, without any distortion.Therefore, it is worth choosing light with a high color rendering index.

To furnish a small dressing room in a practical way, and to illuminate it properly, is not an easy task, but with the above tips you can count on excellent results.

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