What to do on the island of Siquijor? 5 ideas

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Siquijor is a small island in the Philippinesac located south of Cebu in the Sulu Sea. And while it has infrastructure to support tourism, it is not overcrowded with tourists like the cities of El Nido and Coron. The atmosphere is peaceful, the people are friendly, there are great beaches and waterfalls to explore, it’s an amazing place to spend a week or two! In today’s post, we will introduce you to 5 things you must do while on this island

Jump off a cliff into the ocean

Salagdoong Beach is the most popular beach on Siquijor Island for both locals and foreigners. A wide range of activities for the whole family are available here, making it an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. The small island is located just offshore, and is equipped with two jumping boards of varying heights and a water slide (though these attractions close depending on the tide).

You can rent floating swings and other equipment at a nearby resort, which, along with the blue water, makes the perfect setting for a photo shoot on Instagram.

There’s also a restaurant on site if you’re hungry. However, it is better to make your own picnic. The beach is small and practically disappears at high tide, but the water is crystal clear and perfect for and snorkeling – don’t forget to take your mask and snorkel.

On the way back to San Juan, stop by the island’s oldest tree, the Balete Tree, to enjoy a foot spa in the shade of this beautiful ancient tree. You’ll also find a variety of love potions and other voodoo-style souvenirs, as locals believe this tree has mystical powers!

cliff jump
Jump off the cliff into the ocean

Swim in a waterfall

The Philippines is a country known for its pristine beaches and beautiful waterfalls, and you’ll find some of them right on Siquijor Island.

The Cambugahay waterfalls are by far the most popular swimming spot on the island, among locals and foreigners alike. At the base of each waterfall are two small waterfalls with large pools for swimming. There are also a couple of rope swings at each, and for PHP 50/person you can use them as many times as you like. There are also small stores selling snacks, cold drinks and ice candy (a must-have sweet treat!).

Lugnason Falls is not as popular, but is also very interesting. There is a short trail to the waterfall, but you are likely to meet locals who will be willing to take you there in exchange for a tip. We recommend giving them a few pesos 🙂

The guide will show you the best place to jump off the cliff and help you try out the very high rope swing. If you have more time, visit the 11 smaller waterfalls going upstream, which are named after the signs of the zodiac. The other waterfalls are not as large or as scenic as Lugnason Falls, but the walk along the river is picturesque.

philippines waterfall
A beautiful Philippine waterfall

Eat delicious food

Siquijor is a relatively small island, but you’ll find countless amazing restaurants offering everything from Filipino food to oven-baked pizza and everything in between! They offer a laid-back beach bar vibe, so you’ll definitely want to have a few cocktails after you finish your meal.

Luca Loko serves the best breakfast on the island! Large smoothie bowls made with fresh mango or peanut butter and bananas are a great, healthy way to start the day.

Marco Polo has lovely covered tables right on the beach. Their pizza is known for being the best on the island. They often offer food and drink promotions, which can then be purchased at great prices.

Fuego Cantina & Grill has a nice open-air restaurant, delicious Filipino food and super friendly service. If you like ceviche, you’ll love their kinilaw – the seafood is super fresh and is served in large portions

Baha Ba’r is not only a delicious restaurant, but also a great place to spend an evening! Be sure to start your meal with the chicken wings, they are delicious. From time to time, Baha Bar offers a buffet of perfectly seasoned pork.

Watch the sunset from the Beach Bar

Many of the restaurants and resorts are located directly on the beach and offer spectacular views of the sea. In addition, most of the beaches on Siquijor Island are privately owned, so unfortunately you can’t just buy a beer at the store and sit on the beach with it.

Sunset Restaurant is part of Coco Grove Beach Resort and is located directly on Tubod Beach. Drinks are reasonably priced and the views of the sea at sunset are unreal! Grab a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful sunset. This small stretch of beach is actually public, so if you don’t want to sit at the bar, just take the beach access road next to the resort.

sunset Philippines
Sunset in the Philippines

Dance the night away

The San Juan area on Siquijor Island is filled with bars offering happy hour and live music. You can find something interesting every day, but the real party happens on Fridays. That’s when everyone heads to Czar’s Place. The front of this budget hostel becomes an open-air concert hall with a stage on Fridays. If you want to sit at a table then come early enough, especially in high season there are huge crowds of tourists and locals in this place.

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