Minimalist and ecological living room lighting – what lamps to choose?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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2024 brings new interior trends, but also leaves a lot of room for design directions that we are already very familiar with. When it comes to lighting, we will bet on minimalist lamps. There will be no shortage of the eco trend, i.e. the use of energy-efficient LEDs.

So how to choose lamps for the living room, which will make it a functional, atmospheric room, and at the same time fit into the current interior design trends? We suggest what to follow and which lighting products will be the right choice.

Minimalism instead of splendor and voluminous forms

In order to properly illuminate the living room, we need lamps that will work well as main lighting, in addition, task and decorative lighting. This year we will bet on minimalism, so an interesting solution that fits in with current interior trends will be point sources of light. We can find a place for them in the suspended ceiling.

Such minimalist lighting is very practical. What’s more, it works perfectly in both spacious, airy and high living rooms, as well as those that do not boast of space. In the latter, minimalism is even more welcome, because spot lighting does not overwhelm and does not unnecessarily occupy the already limited space.

Eco trend, or a nod to LED lighting

Eco trends in interior design, decoration, and applied lighting are nothing new. We have been using them for many seasons, but it is this year that they will lead the way among interior proposals. We can find such lighting products, for example ,at

LED lighting is, first of all, much more durable and long-lasting than the light sources once used. In addition, it gives a lot of design possibilities. Users can opt for warm or cold lighting, different intensities or even colored light! If intelligent lighting systems are additionally included, homeowners will create and remember lighting scenes, tailored to the situation, time of day and even mood.

Minimalism and ecology do not mean boredom

Minimalist or ecological trends and the choice of lamps that fit into these directions does not mean that living room interiors will be boring, banal and bland. For among those lighting products that are simple, without unnecessary ornaments and extensive designs, there are lamps based on interesting, high-quality materials. In addition, colorful and shapely lampshades or light bulbs of equally interesting shapes. So the final arrangement can be modern, somewhat eclectic, and even combining the trends of minimalism with hints ofglamour. Forinspiration, we can look at the website

On top of that, the color of the light and, equally important, the proper placement of individual light points, determine the obtained atmosphere in the living room.

The living room is a representative place, serving both for relaxing alone and entertaining with family or friends. Let’s choose lighting that is minimalist, in line with eco trends, focusing attention due to style or small detail, and we will manage to create a living room with a unique atmosphere and high functionality.

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