A weekend in Poland? Well, but where?

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Sometimes it’s good to take a few days off and go somewhere, far from home. This way you can get rid of stress, relax, meet new people and have adventures. Often you don’t even need a fat wallet to have a good time. You can go on such a trip alone, with family, friends, a loved one or a sweetheart.

Trips in Poland are very popular. However, we are most eager to go on vacation, abroad. A foreign country seems to us something better, we look for monuments, culture or the sun that will burn us beautifully. However, as the poet used to say: “you praise others, you do not know your own, you yourselves do not know what you have”. These words, unfortunately, are still relevant. Many people have not seen with their own eyes our capital, let alone other beautiful cities. So maybe it’s worth looking to see what local travel agencies have on offer in their tours of Poland ? Or maybe just search the Internet and find a place you want to visit. Nowadays you can easily plan such a trip on your own.

How about a funfair for the weekend?
How about a funfair for the weekend?

If you are wondering where to go in Poland – the answer is obvious – visit Malopolska! It is in this province that one of the most beautiful cities of our country – Krakow – is located. It is worth spreading such an outing over several days. Alone? With your other half? Or maybe just a family trip with children? It doesn’t matter, because the former capital of Poland has an offer for everyone.

Cracow tempts you with a combination of tradition and modernity. During such a trip, you can touch history and see the monuments with your own eyes. The Cloth Hall, Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Church, the Barbican or Kazimierz are just a handful of the attractions that await in this city. Krakow also offers entertainment. In the Market Square you will find many clubs, pubs and restaurants where you can relax. However, while sightseeing, it is also worth reserving time for day trips.

Trip to Krakow
Tour to Krakow

While visiting the Malopolska region, you can’t miss visiting at least the Wieliczka salt mine or Wadowice. Leave one full day for fun at Energylandia. The amusement park is located in Zator, halfway between Krakow and Katowice. It is an amusement park of the real kind. Dozens of attractions are spread over an area of 26 hectares. The funfair is divided into zones aimed at different age groups. The youngest can spend time in the fairyland, which offers safe, peaceful carousels. In the backstreets, children can meet characters from their favorite fairy tales, talk to them and even take a souvenir photo. The Family Zone, as the name suggests, is aimed at entire families. It’s entertainment that provides a reasonable amount of adrenaline. It features thrilling water rafting, roller coasters and scenic coasters. The third part is the extreme sector, designed for fans of thrills. There are the fastest roller coasters, powerful pendulums and awe-inspiring drop towers. There is also a water park, a place for all those who love water. Our aquapark consists of, among other things, a complex of pools, a rushing river, water attractions, a beautiful shipwreck, a lighthouse, a tropical bar and comfortable deck chairs. This place perfectly imitates the atmosphere of a tropical island, where time passes slowly and blissfully.

In Energylandia you can have fun all day long: from morning to evening. You only need to buy one admission ticket. It entitles you to use all the attractions, at will. If you get hungry, feel free to take advantage of our food and beverage outlets. The offer is wide: from salty snacks to hot meals to delicious desserts.

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