Training at the gym for the first time. Everything you need to know!

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Training at the gym is a daily occurrence and a passion for many. However, the first workout at the gym can be a bit stressful. So if you want to exercise, but haven’t been to the gym before, read our guide. Here’s everything you need to know before your first visit to the gym!

Workout at the gym – gym attire.

Let’s start with the basics, meaning what to take to the gym? With the right equipment you will certainly be much more at ease. First of all, it must be a suitable outfit that will not restrict your movements, shoes, as well as a towel. In detail, you should take with you to the workout:

  • Gym att ire – that is, sportswear, comfortable that does not restrain movement and does not rub. In addition to a T-shirt and shorts, it is good to take appropriate preferably seamless underwear and comfortable socks. Women’s gym outfit should additionally be equipped with a sports bra, which will immobilize the breasts, thus ensuring comfortable exercise.
  • Shoes – they must not be the first better shoes from our locker. Proper shoes are essential when exercising, why? Poorly selected footwear can lead us to injury, so make sure that sports shoes are lightweight with flexible soles that will not slip on the floor. If you do not have this part of your closet in your inventory, go shopping and calmly try on the right models, so you can be sure that the shoes are really comfortable.
  • Gym tow el – and in fact not one towel, but even three. A small towel will come in handy for wiping off sweat and maintaining hygiene at the exercise station, while another is for wiping off after a shower at the gym, and a third if you plan to go to the sauna after exercising.

In addition, if you will be using the shower at the gym, you should take shower flip-flops with you. Ladies and men with long hair should take with them hair elastics and everyone a must – a drink, and preferably mineral water or isotonic drink.

First time at the gym

If we already have a bag or backpack with the necessary accessories with us, we can boldly head to the gym. Where to start? Definitely by forgetting that everyone is looking at us. People who go to the gym for the first time have the feeling that everyone is looking at them, judging them and seeing that they are new here. Mental comfort while exercising is an important thing. If you want to use the gym when there are few people in it – we recommend early morning hours or around 12 p.m. Then you will be more comfortable. Usually the first visit to the gym is free – such a trial workout before you decide on a pass. We are then accompanied by a personal trainer, who will show us around and briefly discuss the various exercise equipment. We will learn how to perform exercises on a particular instrument, learn basic techniques and a possible further exercise plan. Don’t be afraid of the trainer, he is there to facilitate your use of the gym, so ask if you have any doubts and take advantage of his presence.

Training at the gym
Gym workout/ photo:

First workout at the gym

If you don’t have much or even any experience with professional exercises and don’t know where to start – try general training. It is recommended for beginners. The first training plan will allow you to gradually get your muscles used to a new type of activity. General development training allows you to engage all parts of the body during training. It is important to remember that the first workout should not be too intense and not performed with too much load. Why? The first workout at the gym is a heavy load for our body, so you should do everything with your head and slowly. Over time you will be able to allow yourself to do more. Try to forget about the need to lose weight and the counter of calories burned, in favor of proper exercise technique. This will allow you to perform the workout correctly and reduce the risk of injury.

Gym exercises

At the gym, there is no shortage of exercise options, made possible by a variety of machines, equipment and weights. The basic equipment of the gym, are:

  • dumbbells and barbells,
  • gym balls,
  • exercise mats,
  • benches,
  • cardio machines: treadmills, bicycles, orbiters),
  • workout machines.

In many gyms you will also find kettlebells, TRX bands, medicine balls, skipping ropes, boxes, push-up rails and other training accessories.

We start our workout at the gym with a warm-up, which will prepare the body for a prolonged effort. A proper warm-up should last up to several minutes and consist of short series of exercises, such as trotting, marching and jumping, squats, circular movements of the arms and legs. Equipment available at the gym, such as a treadmill or stationary bike, can be used to warm up. After the warm-up, we can move on to the training plan of our choice, such as the general training we recommend. It is a good idea to use the support of a personal trainer, who will watch over the properly performed exercises.

Many people choose to come to the gym only for a specific machine and use a treadmill or bike for the duration of the workout – this is also possible. However, if you have a specific vision and motivation for which you decide to use the gym, it is worthwhile to engage in more advanced exercises.

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