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There are many obstacles in life that make it difficult for us to take up physical activity. Young children, work, study, scarcity of time, necessary rest, and reluctance to be physically active cause us to give up exercise. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to spinal health, and more and more people are dealing with recurrent pain. The remedy for lack of time and pain can become innovative EMS training, which BodyTec20+ gym chain offers its customers.

What is EMS training?

EMS is an innovative method of training, based on electrostimulation of muscles. What exactly does EMS training look like?The best way to find out foryourself is to take advantage of the free trial training offered by BodyTec20+. You can make an appointment for a trial EMS training at any of the chain’s locations, which are located in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Pabianice, Czestochowa and Lodz. What’s more – you can do it quite spontaneously, as you don’t need to bring a costume, footwear or a water bottle to the trial session.

When you come to the training session, you will receive a special outfit, to which the electrodes are attached. EMS training involves performing light, aerobic exercises under the supervision of a certified personal trainer , who constantly corrects the exerciser’s posture. During this time, thanks to the electrodes hooked up, your muscles are stimulated to exert more effort and work extremely efficiently. In this way, an EMS workout of 20 minutes produces the same results as 180 minutes of traditional exercise. You can achieve amazing results with huge time savings.

Why choose EMS training at BodyTec20+?

In order for EMS training to bring the expected results, it is advisable to perform it under the supervision of a certified personal trainer. At BodyTec20+ there are qualified specialists who are constantly expanding their knowledge. Thanks to their extensive experience, they can not only provide great results with their charges, but also a pleasant atmosphere during training. What’s more, the BodyTec20+ network allows its members to use any studio in Poland, so you don’t have to give up training during a business trip or vacation.

Visit the BodyTec20+ website, sign up for a trial EMS workout, and then purchase a membership package. Join the satisfied community members who can enjoy not only the care of a personal trainer, but also the support of a nutritionist. EMS training will allow you to achieve great results in a short time and enjoy physical activity.

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