Walking in the forest – 6 reasons why you should go to the forest. Check it out!

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Walking in the woods – sounds so ordinary, right? But it is extraordinary in the forest, and it is a pastime that can become a great passion for nature, but also a way to get to know yourself and calm down. Each of us has been to the forest, but over time it may be that the last time we went for a walk in a secluded forest grove was a long time ago. Accustomed to the hustle and bustle, tourist attractions, we forget what is really close – like the forest.

Walking in the forest – 4 reasons to go to the forest

“There were no us – there was a forest. There won’t be us – there will be a forest,” says a Polish proverb. The thing is about transience, but in the forest we have the opportunity to stop and calm down. For dog owners, the forest is certainly no stranger, including those who go to it regularly. This article is dedicated to those who are looking for a way to be active, calm, a new passion, a desire for change. And while the forest may sound so ordinary – it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. When access to the forest was banned during the pandemic. Many people realized the importance of forest walks in their lives. If you don’t understand the charm of the forest, check out our reasons why, you should start going to it.

1. walking in the forest – allows you to slow down

Of course, you can also run in the forest, but it’s not about stopping purely physically, but such an emotional one. Scientists prove that a walk in the woods lowers stress hormone levels, so it helps relieve anxiety, as well as reduces fatigue. Doctors often recommend people who work under stressful conditions to go to the forest. This calms you down, allows you to breathe, to look at everyday problems with detachment.

2 Fresh air

The forest allows us to breathe – and literally. Trees absorb toxic substances such as carbon dioxide, heavy metals and sulfur dioxide. In turn, they emit compounds that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, namely phytoncides. What’s more! The compounds secreted by pine trees even help fight tuberculosis. And that’s why various spas and sanatoriums are located in places close to nature, especially pine forests. Walking in the fresh air helps take care of the lungs, decontaminate the respiratory tract and simply get oxygenated. In addition, the air in the forest has negative ions, which supports the immune, nervous and circulatory systems. It even helps treat allergies and rheumatism. Most negative ions are in the air right after a thunderstorm – so as soon as the sun appears, it’s worth going for a walk.

3. for fitness and figure

After all, a walk to the forest is also movement, and it’s very beneficial for our physical condition and figure. Uneven ground, which is characteristic of the forest, activates and strengthens muscles, so calves take on a more attractive shape. In addition to the leg muscles, walking also exercises the abdominal and waist muscles. Regular walking can allow us to lose a few extra pounds – especially if we go for it with Nordic walking poles. By the way, they are good for the condition of the joints and spine.

4th Forest for sleep problems

Are you having trouble sleeping and have tried many ways, yet none has had a satisfying effect? The forest may be your key to healthy sleep. A walk surrounded by forest nature, regulates the rhythm of the day and night, and relaxes and calms you down. Doing a few to a dozen kilometers in the fresh air, oxygenates, relaxes and tires you physically – which is good for digestion. And calm bowels, make it easier for us to fall asleep. Walking in the woods is also recommended for people struggling with restless legs syndrome – RLS.

5. stimulates the senses

Shinrin-yoku therapy, originates from Japan and means “forest bathing.” It improves cognitive function and is designed for everyone. How much does it cost? Nothing. It is just our walk in the woods and immersion in nature using our senses.

  • Sense ofhearing – allows us to listen to the sounds around us in the forest, such as birds singing or rustling leaves and grass.
  • Sense ofsight – allows us to perceive the colors of nature – the color of leaves, trees, light, shadow, and to see the inhabitants of the forest, such as birds, foxes, deer.
  • Senseof smell – thanks to it we can smell the smells of the forest – grass, leaves, the scent of trees, flowers.
  • Senseof touch – while on a walk in the forest, reach out your hand to the trees, feel the bark, hug them, feel the wind on your cheeks, the sun’s rays breaking through the treetops, taste the forest berries.

6. walking in the forest inspires

People working creatively or looking for inspiration in their daily lives are sure to find a handful of ideas in the forest. The forest calms us down, encourages us to turn off our phones and disconnect from technology, and a clear and stimulus-free mind allows us to open up to new ideas. So if you are lacking inspiration, take a walk in the forest – nature is a very graceful muse.

Walking in the woods is a no-cost and widely available pastime, inspiration, entertainment and a powerhouse. This passion can be very contagious, whoever gets a taste of the forest usually returns to it regularly. Maybe forest walks will also become your new passion.

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