MRI an extremely safe and very precise test

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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MRI is a specialized imaging test. Any person who wishes to have diagnostic imaging for preventive purposes or needs to have it performed on doctor’s orders can use the above-mentioned service. Diagnostic imaging is performed on people who want to verify the cause of recurrent pain or long-term muscle weakness. Patients with ischemic heart disease, suspected oncological diseases, worrisome swelling, sprains and limb fractures are also very often referred for this examination.

MRI – information for patients

Those who wish to perform the above-mentioned test should know that it is described by qualified and experienced doctors. No referral is required for it, if the patient wants to perform the test without the administration of contrast. In addition, each patient receives a CD with the recording, which can be shown to the attending physician. The detailed examination, which is carried out in sterile conditions, can be performed comfortably at the renowned REX MEDICA facility. The facility is distinguished by the fact that it has a special MRI for people with claustrophobia, which is much shorter and wider than the standard one. It is also worth remembering that the facility provides, among other things, diagnostic tests under the National Health Fund. Detailed information can be found at the following address of the facility: https: //

MRI – non-invasive and painless

MRI, through the use of electromagnetic radiation, identifies areas of possible lesions, inflammation or tumors in the body. For this reason, it is very helpful in verifying oncological diseases, calcifications, fractures or sprains. The examination can also indicate gallstones or kidney stones, and with its help it is possible to detect calcification of the pineal gland and areas where hematomas appear. Detailed diagnostic imaging can be performed at the site of the pituitary gland, spine, shoulder, hip joints, prostate or biliary tract. The examination itself lasts roughly from 20 to a maximum of 60 minutes. It is important to note that during the performance of the above-mentioned diagnostic imaging, electromagnetic radiation is used, which is in no way harmful to the human body. For this reason, the examination can be performed repeatedly without worrying about possible side effects.

MRI a preventive examination for health-conscious people

MRI examination is an extremely precise way of diagnosing changes throughout the body. It is performed on proven and modern equipment that shows any abnormalities in the examined area. The facility has access to qualified physicians with whom you can consult about your condition, before making the final decision to have an MRI scan. By way of conclusion, it is worth remembering that this non-invasive, safe examination provides insight into a person’s internal organs, and on every level.

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