Tasty and healthy, or homemade dumplings with spinach

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A common delicacy. However, few people can season spinach in such a way that dumplings are tasty. Below is a proven way to make a good stuffing and a good dough. Enjoy!

Stuffing, which means we start with the most important thing!

Stuffing can be made from frozen spinach. It should be thawed and simmered with a little garlic and salt. If cooked too short it will be tough, if cooked too long it will turn into a pulp. About ten minutes is sufficient time.

Dumplings with spinach
Dumplings with spinach

Add cream sauce to the spinach

We pour cream into the pot. Today, manufacturers tell us on the packages what the cream is best for. So we choose a cream for sauces from the store shelf. The cream should boil for a while, then we add a light roux made from butter and a few tablespoons of flour. Butter can be replaced with vegetable oil, theoretically it sounds less tasty, but when butter is heated, a harmful toxin is produced. Oil is a natural fat created for frying. The cold roux is added to the cream. Then we season the whole thing with salt and nutmeg.

We combine the sauce thus created with our spinach. Boil for a while. The roux contained in the cream sauce will make the whole thing thicken. Garlic and nutmeg will make the spinach take on a peculiar taste and aroma. The whole dish can be enriched with another specialty of Italian cuisine – sun-dried tomatoes. Cut them into small cubes and combine them with the resulting stuffing. If we have tomatoes in the form of a sprinkle, we can also add them. Sun-dried tomatoes go perfectly with spinach, they will be in our dumplings something like raisins in the dough.

Spinach dumplings recipe
Recipe for dumplings with spinach

Finally – the dough!

Here I suggest using good dumpling flour and milk instead of water. If you like a hard dough add an egg. If soft add melted little, about 50 grams. Set the kneaded dough aside in a cool place for several minutes, under a tight cover. After several minutes, the dough should be kneaded again and is ready to make dumplings.

One thing is worth knowing. The less water you add to the dough, the harder it will be. If you want to freeze dumplings add an egg to the dough and little water. The dough will be hard, but after taking it out of the freezer it will become soft. If you make the dough so that it is soft before freezing, after thawing the dumplings will simply fall apart.

Such dumplings taste good with sauteed onions and fresh peppers fried like cracklings.

The dish is perfect for both everyday and festive occasions. It tastes good in an elegant restaurant or at a banquet, as well as a home dinner.

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