How to live healthily and cheaply? Tips

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Healthy lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular these days, and are one of the trends worth following! However, if you’re on a small budget, often popular ways to stay healthy may scare you – after all, buying organic products and signing up for a gym is not so cheap.

However, you don’t have to go that route, but instead find your own way to stay fit. This may require some research and planning, but we’re here to help you! We’ve put together a list of tips on how to stay fit both physically and financially. So here we go!

Sleep well and regularly

In today’s busy world, we often don’t get enough sleep, and it’s crucial to our health. In addition to the obvious benefit of adequate rest, sleeping regularly for 7-9 hours can also help:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce stress
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Keep the heart in good shape
  • Reduce your risk of developing diabetes
  • Maintain your weight

Getting a good night’s sleep costs you nothing – the only expense you should incur is related to adapting your bed for healthy rest.

Healthy sleep is very important.

Work out on your own

Some people think that you can exercise regularly and stay in shape only with an expensive gym membership. This is absolutely not true! There are many ways to exercise frequently without paying a monthly fee. For example, you can:

  • find free workout videos online or rent DVDs from the library.
  • Run around the neighborhood.
  • You can find discounts on groupon-type sites for group classes.
  • Ask a more experienced colleague or friend to teach you how to exercise.

Buy food and cook at home

Buying less processed food is both cheaper and healthier. For example, shredded cheese is more expensive than those sold in blocks, and refried beans command a higher price than those in cans. What’s more, less processed products tend to be sold in larger quantities, so you can save even more money when buying them.

In addition, instead of going to fancy organic food restaurants, you can prepare healthy meals at home. On average, this way you can provide food for an entire family of four for the same cost as ordering meals for one or two people when dining out. Plus, when you cook for yourself, you know exactly what ingredients and methods are used – and you can be sure they are all healthy. Cooking every day may seem time-consuming, but if you’re busy, you might consider preparing food in large quantities and eating it over several days.

To save money and live healthy at the same time, cook your own meals.

Use free apps

In a world dominated by technology, there are apps that can help with almost anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing – sometimes it’s actually easier to stick to a schedule, for example, when you have an app to keep track of it.

You don’t necessarily have to pay a subscription for this, as there are many free apps available for download on your smartphone or tablet. They can, for example, track your eating habits or exercise routine, providing you with lots of useful advice. Besides, they can help you remember to be consistent and motivate you to keep going.


You can follow the healthy lifestyle trend without going bankrupt if you know what rules to follow. First, remember that getting enough sleep costs you nothing, and it can make a big difference to your well-being – just make sure you buy a good mattress that will last you for years. Also, don’t be lazy with your cooking – do it at home and use less processed foods to both control what you eat and keep it in your budget.

You don’t have to go to the gym to stay in shape – you can exercise on your own, with YouTube videos, or with a friend. To monitor your progress and remember to be consistent, you can install some free apps to boost your motivation. It will take some effort to change your habits, but over time you will undoubtedly notice positive changes and appreciate them.

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