Pants for winter 2023 – what cuts to choose?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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The winter season is inevitably approaching, which means it’s time to adjust your closet for colder temperatures. One of the key items to look out for are pants. We take a special look at the most fashionable pant styles for winter 2023, which will not only help you stay warm, but also allow you to maintain your unique style.


Women ‘s sweatpants are gaining prominence in the 2023 winter season, primarily because of their unmatched comfort. When choosing sweatpants, bet on models made of soft and warm material, which not only provides comfort in wearing, but also provides excellent protection against the cold. Fashions with cuffs at the bottom of the legs are very popular, because they not only keep the warmth around the legs, but are also suitable for a variety of styles. Tracksuits are not only a symbol of casual dress, but also prove that comfort and style can go hand in hand. On winter days, when you would like to get away from more formal pants, tracksuits become an excellent choice. They can be both a base for casual looks with a T-shirt and sneakers, as well as a part of more elegant looks when you put them together with a smart sweater and heeled boots. Don’t forget that comfort is key, especially on colder days. Sweatpants allow freedom of movement and keep you warm, making them the perfect choice for lazy winter weekends or days when you want to feel extra comfortable. Offering both loose-fitting and more fitted models, the world of sweatpants is wide and full of possibilities. So don’t hesitate to experiment with different cuts and colors to find those sweatpants that will not only keep you warm, but also highlight your unique style.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are another extremely popular cut that is gaining traction in winter 2023. They are characterized by extra pockets usually located on the sides or thighs, which makes them not only a fashionable choice, but also extremely functional. These extra pockets are a great place to store small items, such as keys or a wallet, and also provide a stylish accent that adds character to the pants. Cargo pants, though originally known for their military style, can now be found in a wide variety of versions, from classic to more modern. Choose models made of thicker materials, such as cotton or a blend of cotton and elastane, which will keep you warm on colder days. Cargo pants are cuts that fit perfectly into an urban, casual look, and at the same time are a great choice for walks in the city or a skiing trip. An additional advantage of cargo pants is their versatility. They fit both with sports shoes and classic sneakers, allowing you to create a variety of styles. Add to this the possibility of adjusting the circumference of the legs, which allows you to wear them both loosely and more tightly, and you get a cut that can be tailored to your taste and needs.

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Low-waisted pants

Low-waisted pants are a cut that has been making a comeback in fashion halls for some time and continues to maintain its popularity in winter 2023. They are characterized by a low rise that provides a bold and modern look. This is an exceptional choice for those who appreciate distinctive and unusual fashion solutions. In winter versions of low-waisted pants, you will often find models made of warm materials, such as wool, which allows you to stay warm on colder days. These pants also often have slightly wider legs, which allow you to wear additional layers of clothing, such as thick socks or leggings. For those who appreciate bold fashion solutions, low-rise pants allow you to express your individuality. They match both with heeled shoes, which emphasizes their elegant character, and with sporty sneakers, which gives them a more casual expression. Low-rise pants are a choice for those who like to express their identity through fashion and opt for bold, modern styling.

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