How to stretch shoes effectively? A guide for every type of shoe

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Have you purchased your dream shoes, but they turned out to be too tight? Before you decide to replace them, check out our proven methods for stretching shoes.

Home methods for stretching shoes

How to stretch shoes at home? There are several proven ways to help you adjust your shoes to fit your foot.

Water and freezing

One of the most popular ways is to use water and freezing. All you need to do is fill bags with water, put them in your shoes, and then place the shoes in the freezer. As the water freezes, it increases its volume, which effectively stretches the shoes. It is important not to leave the shoes in the freezer for too long to avoid damaging the material.

Water and freezing
Home methods for stretching shoes / canva

Newspaper and paper

You can also fill the shoes with wet newspapers or paper. Once dry, the paper will increase in volume, which will help stretch the shoes in the toe. This method is especially effective for shoes made of natural materials, such as leather.

Stretching shoes
Newspaper and paper

Special liquids and sprays

Special liquids and sprays for stretching shoes are available in shoe stores. All you have to do is apply them to the inside of the shoes, and then put the shoes on the foot. They work by softening the material, making it easier to stretch.

How to stretch leather shoes
Special liquids and sprays / canva

Thicker socks

A simple but effective way is to put on thicker socks and walk around the house in the shoes. The heat of the foot and the pressure will cause the shoes to begin to stretch. For a better effect, you can use damp socks, which further increases the stretching effect.

How to break shoes
Thicker socks / canva


Boil a large amount of water in a pot. When it starts to steam, hold the shoe over the steam. When the inside of the shoe is hot and slightly damp, put them on your feet. The heat and moisture will help stretch the material.

How to stretch your shoes wide
Steam / canva

Salicylic spirit

How to stretch the shoes in width? A proven method is to lubricate the shoes (on the inside) with salicylic spirit, and then put them on your feet. The spirit softens the material, making it easier to stretch.

Professional methods of stretching shoes

If home methods do not work, it is worth using professional solutions.

Shoe stretchers

Shoestretchers are one of the most traditional tools used by shoemakers. Made of wood or plastic, they are adapted to the shape of the foot and allow you to gradually stretch your shoes. By adjusting them, you can fine-tune their size to suit your needs. The guides are especially effective for leather shoes, which easily adjust to the new shape.

Shoe-stretching guides
Professional shoe stretching methods / canva

Professional stretching machines

Specialized shoe stretching machines are available at many shoemakers. They work similarly to righthanders, but offer greater precision and the ability to stretch shoes in specific areas, such as the toe or heel. This makes it possible to accurately fit shoes to the shape of the foot.

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Specialized liquids and creams

In addition to the liquids available in shoe stores, there are also professional preparations that are used by shoemakers. Such liquids and creams work deeply on the footwear material, softening it and making it easier to stretch. They are especially effective for footwear made of thick leather or other materials that are difficult to stretch.

Get the services of a cobbler

If none of the above methods have the desired effect, it is worth using the services of a professional cobbler. Thanks to his experience and specialized tools, your shoes will be perfectly fitted to your foot.

Experience and knowledge of the specialist

A cobbler not only has the right tools, but also the knowledge and experience of working with different types of footwear. He knows the techniques and methods that allow you to effectively and permanently stretch your shoes without damaging them. Thus, when using the services of a cobbler, we can be sure that our footwear will be treated with care.

Individual approach to the customer

Every foot is different, and consequently, each case requires an individual approach. The shoemaker will carefully assess the condition of your footwear, identify the problem areas and apply the appropriate stretching methods. This can range from manual stretching to the use of professional machines.

Professional tools and preparations

Specialized tools are available at the shoemaker’s shop that are not available to the average consumer. A shoemaker can use professional rulers, stretching machines or special preparations that soften the shoe material and make it easier to stretch. This makes the process more effective and faster.

Summary: How to stretch shoes effectively and safely.

Stretching shoes is a process that requires patience and precision. It is important to remember not to damage the shoes during the process. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with gentle home methods, and then use professional solutions if necessary. Remember that well-fitting shoes are the key to the comfort and health of your feet.

How to stretch shoes – frequently asked questions

How to stretch shoes that are too tight?

You can do this by putting wet newspapers or bags of water in them and placing them in the freezer. As the water freezes, it increases its volume, which stretches the shoes.

How to stretch the shoes by one size?

Use the services of a professional cobbler, who, with specialized tools and techniques, is able to stretch shoes by one size.

Is it possible to stretch shoes that are too small?

Yes, it is possible to stretch shoes that are too small, using various methods, such as freezing, using righthanders or using the services of a cobbler.

How can new shoes be stretched?

New shoes can be stretched by wearing them at home for a few hours a day or by using special stretching fluids available in shoe stores.

How to enlarge shoes in the toe?

To enlarge shoes in the toe, you can put wet newspapers in the toe or use stretching rights that are adapted to this part of the shoe.

How much can the shoes be stretched?

The amount by which shoes can be stretched depends on the material from which they are made. Leather shoes can be stretched more than those made of synthetic materials. Usually they can be stretched by half to one size.

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