Abdominal exercises: a comprehensive guide for everyone

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Achieving the flat abdomen of your dreams is not easy, but with the right exercises and consistency it is as possible. In this article, you will learn which abdominal exercises are the most effective and how to perform them correctly.

Exercises for a flat belly

The dream of a flat belly is not difficult to achieve if you know what exercises to do. Exercises for a flat abdomen focus on strengthening all parts of the abdominal muscles, including the straight, oblique and transverse muscles. One of the most popular exercises is the plank, which engages not only the abdominal muscles, but also the arms, spine and legs. Performing the plank is deceptively simple, but requires great strength and endurance. Another effective exercise is the bicycle plank – this involves lying on your back and mimicking the motion of riding a bicycle. For those who want to focus on the oblique muscles, it’s worth trying the hand pull to the opposite knee. It’s also worth keeping in mind body-weight exercises, such as lifting the legs to the chest in an overhang or throwing the legs up.

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Regardless of the exercises you choose, the key to success is regularity and consistency. Remember that there is no single effective prescription for a flat stomach – every body is different and may react differently to different exercises.

Exercises for abdomen at home

If you don’t have the time or opportunity to exercise at the gym, abdominal exercises at home are a great solution. You can do tummy tucks, planches or exercises with elastic bands, which are effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles. However, these are not the only options. At home, we can also perform scissors, which involves lifting the legs alternately while lying down. Another effective exercise is to lift bent legs while hanging on a bar. For those who do not have a bar, leg raises lying on the floor can be an alternative. It is important to remember the correct technique and avoid excessive strain on the spine.

Abdominal exercises at home
Abdominal exercises at home / canva

Abdominal exercises at the gym

The gym offers a lot of equipment to help you strengthen your abdomen. Use rotary exercise machines, dumbbells or barbells to perform abdominal exercises at the gym. One of the more advanced exercises is pushing your legs upward on a special bench. You can also try exercises with weights, such as lifting a barbell overhead in a lying position or trunk twists with dumbbells. The gym also gives you the opportunity to use machines that isolate specific parts of the abdominal muscles, allowing you to model them more precisely. Remember, however, to always consult a personal trainer on the correct technique and selection of the appropriate load.

Abdominal exercises at the gym
Abdominal exercises at the gym / canva

Standing abdominal exercises

Not all abdominal exercises require lying on the floor. There are many standing abdominal exercises, such as knee raises and trunk rotations, that are just as effective. In addition, standing exercises also engage other parts of the body, such as the leg and back muscles, which contributes to a more comprehensive workout. It’s also worth trying the lateral leg raise, which focuses on the oblique abdominal muscles. For those who want to add extra weight to their workout, dumbbells can be used during trunk rotations or knee raises. Standing exercises are ideal for those who have back problems and want to avoid exercising on the floor.

Standing abdominal exercises
Standing abdominal exercises / canva

Exercises for the abdomen and flanks

Wanting to strengthen not only the front part of the abdomen, but also the flanks, it is worth introducing abdominal and flank exercises into your workout. Trunk twists or exercises with dumbbells perfectly strengthen these body parts. However, these are not the only exercises that focus on the flanks. It’s also worth trying side-leg raises in a lying position or trunk twists with legs raised. For the more advanced, exercises using a fitness ball, such as torso twists with the ball between the legs, can be effective. Remember to focus on proper technique when performing the exercises and avoid overexertion, which can lead to injury.

Standing abdominal exercises
Standing abdominal exercises/ canva

Summary: Secrets of effective abdominal training.

Abdominal exercises are the key to achieving the figure of your dreams. Remember regularity, variety of exercises and that training alone will not bring results without a proper diet. Choose the best abdominal exercises, tailored to your fitness level and capabilities, and the results will soon appear.

Abdominal exercises – frequently asked questions

What are good exercises for the abdomen?

Good exercises for the abdomen are tummy tucks, planches and leg raises while lying on your back.

How to lose belly in 2 weeks?

To lose belly in 2 weeks, it is necessary to combine regular exercise with a balanced diet and calorie control.

What should I exercise on to lose my belly?

To lose the abdomen, it is advisable to exercise on an exercise mat, use dumbbells, a fitness ball and a resistance band.

How many abdominal exercises should one do?

It is recommended to do abdominal exercises 3-4 times a week, 15-20 minutes each session.

Should I exercise my abdomen every day?

It is not recommended to exercise the abdomen every day to give the muscles time to recover.

After how long do I see the effects of abdominal exercises?

The effects of abdominal exercises are usually visible after 4-6 weeks of regular training and a proper diet.

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