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A sore throat is a typical symptom of an upper respiratory tract infection caused by a viral, less commonly bacterial, infection. It occurs especially with the common cold, which is not difficult to get especially in autumn and winter, usually along with a runny nose and cough. When a sore throat is severe, bothersome, makes it difficult to swallow and thus to function normally, it is worth reaching for over-the-counter medications available at the pharmacy to help relieve it. The only question that arises is what will work best in the course of inflammation of the throat and mouth? For a sore throat with a cold and flu, it is better to choose lozenges or perhaps an aerosol? We answer!

Sucking tablets or spray for the throat – which form of medicine to choose?

When choosing a drug for inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat and mouth and associated pain, the first thing to pay attention to is not really the form of the drug itself, but its composition. It should contain the right active substances that will ensure the effectiveness of the medicinal product. What substances are we talking about?

In the drugs used for pharyngitis, the most common are substances included in NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), local anesthetics and antiseptics. Herbal-based preparations are also available. With the right composition, the drug works well for inflammation of the mouth and throat, demonstrating anti-inflammatory action, analgesic and antiseptic properties, and sometimes additionally antibacterial, antiviral or antiseptic activity. Drugs in this category can be used for a variety of symptoms associated with inflammation or irritation, not only sore throat, but also hoarseness, difficulty swallowing or a feeling of “gouginess” in the throat [1].

However, moving on to the right issue, which is the appropriate form of the drug, it is not so important. However, it is best to bet on a topically acting preparation. Drugs of this type deliver active substances in high concentration directly to the place where inflammation has developed, so that the therapeutic effect appears quite quickly. Such action is guaranteed by all topical drugs: lozenges, mouthwashes, syrups and aerosols [1].

Aerosol Inaldin Throat – throat spray for sore throat – the most important information.

Inaldin Throat spray can be used to relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the mouth and throat. The use of the medicinal product works well for pain, redness and swelling. It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as an anesthetic effect on the oral mucosa, producing a rapid effect [2,3].

Inaldin Throat Aerosol comes in the form of an aerosol and is intended for direct use in the oral cavity. The product supports the treatment of inflammation of the throat occurring in the course of a cold or tonsillitis. It can be purchased without a prescription both at a stationary pharmacy and an online pharmacy. The capacity of the Inaldin Throat aerosol is 30 ml. One press of the dispensing pump delivers one dose of the aerosol [2].

Inaldin Throat tablets – lozenges for sore throat – product features.

An alternative to the aerosol are Inaldin Throat tablets, also intended for use in the treatment of symptoms associated with inflammation of the mouth and throat. The composition of the product includes local anesthetic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances. The lozenges can be taken as an auxiliary for complaints such as pain, redness or swelling. Inaldin Throat Tablets can be used by adults and children over the age of 6 [4].

Treatment with both the spray and Inalding Throat tablets should not last longer than 7 days. Contraindications to the use of the products are hypersensitivity and allergy. Do not use the drug in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the ingredients of the preparation, as well as hypersensitivity to salicylates.

Before use, read the leaflet, which contains indications, contraindications, data on adverse reactions and dosage, and information on the use of the medicinal product, or consult a doctor or pharmacist, as any drug improperly used threatens life or health.

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