What are the most popular succulents?

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Virtually every home is adorned with flowers, and there is no woman who does not appreciate the magic of flowers. Ladies love not only flowers that are in a vase, but also those that are grown in pots.

Why should you have succulents at home and which are the most popular? Check out our article, from which you will learn the answers to these questions!

What are succulents and what characterizes them?

Before we present the most popular succulents, and in fact this will be a subjective ranking, it is necessary to tell ourselves in a few sentences what succulents are. They are a type of plants that store water in themselves, and the word sucus means sap. Of course, they are plants, so you need to take care of them, while they are a great alternative for people who are often away from home, who would like to have plants at home. They are characterized by fleshy stems, leaves and roots. Their great advantage, in addition to the ease of taking care of them, is their tolerance to neglect. Keep in mind that due to the fact that they store water very well, it is important not to water them every day. If you notice slightly withered leaves, a little water is enough to revive them.

What are the most popular succulents?
What are the most popular succulents?

In the context of caring for succulents, you need to know that the substrate should not be wet and watering a maximum of 2 times a week will be sufficient.

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Characteristics of the best succulents

  1. Cacti – this is one of the best-known succulents.Most of us associate them with desert areas, and rightly so, while they also grow in mountain terrains and rainforests. They are a frequent “guest” in Polish homes because of the ease of taking care of them, as well as the characteristic shape makes us like to grow them. Cacti are long-lived and let the fact that they can be grown for several decades and we can propagate them even in winter testify to this. An interesting fact is that cactus pulp has antioxidant properties and can even be a dietary ingredient.
  2. Medicinal aloe veraaloe vera is a plant that we primarily know from many creams and other cosmetics. It is very easy to grow and tolerates heat well. It has vitamins: A,B,C and E and salts that we need for proper functioning like potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur and copper. Aloe vera is great for skin and mucous membrane regeneration, soothes burns and improves liver function.
  3. Sedum Morgana – the appearance of this plant is quite different from the previous two suggestions, but with its appearance will delight many a person. Long leaves that resemble braids perfectly complement the space of our rooms. It can withstand weeks without water, which will be appreciated by forgetful people, and a good solution will be to plant Sedum Morgana on cabinets or other high shelves, from which will hang long, colorful leaves.
  4. Agave – this type of plant with its shape is definitely not one of the easiest, because with its size it very often exceeds our metric capacity. However, many of us have experiences with this succulent. First of all, it grows only a few years after planting and, interestingly, it flowers only once in its lifetime (it is hapaxanthus). The leaves are covered with thick and long leaflets. It is used, among other things, as a substitute for sugar in the form of syrup, and we can find in it vitamin A and those of the B group: B1,B2,B3,B6 and B9, as well as large doses of calcium and iron.
  5. Evesvera – is a very beautiful plant that can be grown in any room due to its small size. It is necessary to remember that water should not get inside the rosette, only the best solution is to leave the water at the bottom of the saucer, so as not to cause the plant to rot. Remember to give it a place in winter where the temperature will be between 5-10 degrees, that is, a basement or other cold corner, and the only task is not to let the soil dry out.

Remember that this is a subjective ranking and you may have other suggestions as to which succulents are more popular. We hope that thanks to our text you will be more willing to grow this type of plant.

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