The most beautiful annual flowering vines for the garden

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Despite the fact that annual vines are not as often planted in the garden as perennial ones, they are an extremely impressive decoration of any garden.

They have many advantages, first of all, they grow quickly and are very decorative. Just remember to provide them with supports and keep an eye on regular watering and fertilizing.

The most beautiful annual climbers

  • Climbing Nasturtium- can reach up to 2 m, its stems are green and delicate, while the leaves are large and shaped like umbrellas. Flowers with intense fragrance appear from May to October. They can be yellow, red, pink, orange, sometimes there are spotted petals. This plant needs strong supports, a well-sunny position. It grows well in moderately fertile, permeable and light soil.
  • Tunbergia winged-is quite a delicate climber, reaching a height of about 1,5 m. It is distinguished by its large, green heart-shaped leaves and densely covering stems. Flowers are almost flat, in yellow, orange, sometimes red or white. The vine requires a sunny position for proper growth, as well as constantly moist, fertile and warm soil.
  • Fragrant pea- reaches a height of 1.5 to 2 meters. It is characterized by small leaves and butterfly-like fragrant flowers, with many different colors. It grows well in a sunny place and in moderately moist, fertile and humus soil. The vines are quite light, for this reason it is not necessary to use strong supports for cultivation.

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The most beautiful annual flowering vines for the garden
The most beautiful annual flowering vines for the garden
  • Runnerbean- an intensively growing climber, growing up to 3-4 m. The plant has large green, heart-shaped leaves and white or red butterfly flowers, forming inflorescences. Flowers appear from June to October. It requires sturdy supports, sheltered and warm positions, as well as moderately moist and fertile soil.
  • Climbing cobia-one of the very strong growing vines, which reaches up to 4-5 m, for this reason it requires strong supports. The plant is characterized by large leaves and large bell-shaped flowers. Flowering of flowers takes place in the months from July to October. The flowers turn purple, violet, white or pink. It requires a sheltered, warm position and fertile, gently moist and humus soil. It grows well in full sun and partial shade.
  • Willows- are easy to grow and fast-growing vines. They can include, for example, purple wilt, with cup-shaped and large flowers in red, purple or pink. Orioles need sunny positions for growth, as well as humusy, fertile and somewhat alkaline soil.
  • Fingerling-its flowering time is as early as May. It has oblong flowers, resembling the shape of straws. Their flowering ends with the occurrence of the first frosts. The flowers of the palmate can be red, orange, yellow, pink. The vine grows up to a maximum of 2 meters, and its stems are sensitive to weather conditions and fragile, for this reason they must be protected.
  • Tricolor Clover-is a climber with small, oblong and rough leaves. It reaches up to 1 meter in height, its flowers are funnel-shaped. The flowers in the center are yellow, surrounded by a white border, while their edges come in many colors, depending on the chosen variety.

Why plant annual vines in the garden?

Annual vines are plants characterized by very abundant flowering, and for this reason they are a striking decoration of a home garden or allotment. If you take proper care of annual vines, you will be able to admire their flowers until late autumn. A great advantage of these plants are also original flowers and leaves.

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