Temperament – what exactly is it? Definition of the concept

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We often hear the word “temperament,” but few of us know what it really is. Temperament is considered one of the most important factors in determining our character. Some believe that temperament is as important as personality. In this article we will consider what temperament is, what types of temperament there are and how it can be recognized in others.

What is temperament? Definition of the term

Temperament is a characteristic of a person that affects his behavior in different situations. In the simplest terms, temperament is a type of energy that determines how a person reacts to situations in his environment. Temperament can be compared to a shade, which affects how a person perceives and reacts to given events.

Classification of temperaments

Dr. William Sheldon developed a classification of temperaments that divided people into three different types: ectomorphics, mesomorphics and endomorphics. Ectomorphics are delicate, sensitive and often shy. Mesomorphics are strong and courageous, while endomorphics are very sociable and calm.

Temperament vs. personality

Although temperament and personality are often confused, they are different things. Personality is more focused on a person’s behavior and attitudes, while temperament focuses on a person’s response to circumstances. This is especially evident in stressful or stimulating situations. People with different temperaments can react quite differently in the same situations.

How do you recognize someone’s temperament?

Recognizing a person’s temperament is very simple. All you have to do is observe how he or she reacts to different situations. Ectomorphs will be more shy and sensitive to criticism, mesomorphs will be more adventurous and energetic, and endomorphs will be more sociable and calm. You can also ask a person about their temperament and how it affects their behavior.

In summary, temperament is a characteristic of a person that affects his behavior in different situations. There are three types of temperament: ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic. Temperament is sometimes confused with personality, but they are two different concepts. Recognizing a person’s temperament is very simple. It is enough to observe how the person reacts to different situations.

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