Is it worth doing yoga? What accessories will come in handy?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Yoga mat
Yoga mat
Yoga - yoga mat
Yoga – yoga mat

As a rule, we don’t need any equipment to practice yoga – we can do it anywhere, as long as we have some free space at our disposal. Sometimes, however, it is worthwhile to use a mat for practice, if only because it will make it more enjoyable. Is a non-slip yoga mat a good choice? What are the types of yoga mats and which one is worth choosing?

1 Is yoga healthy?

2. yoga mat – the basis for a comfortable workout

3. thickness of the mat and more – what to pay attention to when choosing?

4. yoga cube – what is it and when is it useful?

Is yoga healthy?

Although yoga may not seem like a sport to us (and theoretically it is not), it is still a very interesting system where we can improve and stretch our body. Importantly, the earlier we start practicing, the easier it will be to achieve the desired effect – this is due to the fact that younger people are naturally more limber and can stretch to a greater extent. For many people, yoga is not only a way to keep the body healthy and fit, but also a relaxation for the mind and a chance to spend a moment just with oneself. So if you’ve been planning to try it, it’s definitely worth it.

Yoga mat – the basis for a comfortable workout

While you don’t need any equipment to start practicing yoga, some will simply make you more comfortable. The most basic product to consider is a yoga mat. Its purpose is not only to separate us from the floor, but also to provide a non-slip surface on which we can practice safely. Yoga mats are available in many different variants: we can find foam versions, polyurethane or made of natural rubber or PVC. A very common choice is a high-quality rubber yoga mat, which, like other models, will be purchased in any favorite color.

Thickness of the mat and more – what to pay attention to when choosing?

In order for the chosen mat to serve us well, it is worthwhile to match it. Its thickness should be large enough to insulate us from the floor, but not enough to make training uncomfortable. The mat chosen for yoga should be able to be easily rolled up into a roll when we are not using it. In this form, it will also take up far less space in our closet.

The second important thing we need to pay attention to when choosing a yoga mat is the surface of the mat. It should be non-slip, as this is a condition for our safety. Rubber, foam or polyurethane yoga mats are very good examples of products that we can use without worry.

Yoga cube – what is it and when is it useful?

When we start practicing, we will very quickly notice that some poses are a tad out of our reach. In this case, to avoid injury, a yoga cube will help us in our training. This is a lightweight, often foam block, whose task is to assist us during exercises that require a very high degree of stretching. By resting our hands on the block instead of the floor, we make the chosen pose easier and minimize the risk of overextending the body, which could lead to injury or muscle strain. Rubber mats combined with anklets are a simple and sufficient set for any beginner yogi. An alternative to using anklets is to prepare a session with less demanding poses and leave the more difficult ones for later.

A rubber yoga mat and cube are small, easy to store items with which to support your yoga sessions and make you more comfortable and better at practicing. Remember to pay attention to the quality of the products you choose – that way they will serve you for a longer time.

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