How to choose a bathroom heater that will guarantee thermal comfort and more?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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In the bathroom, in order to ensure our comfort and that of our household members after we have finished bathing, we should guarantee heating that is at least 24 degrees Celsius. This will ensure that we don’t get cold or frosty when we get out of the bath or shower. This is especially important if toddlers or the elderly also bathe in the bathroom.

The right temperature in this room will be guaranteed by a properly selected heater. However, what will be the best one? What to follow when choosing one? We answer the most burning questions.

Bathroom radiator – not only functionality

The radiator in the bathroom first and foremost has the task of guaranteeing the right temperature level, as the comfort of the household members who arrange long baths in the bathtub or opt for a quick shower before leaving the house depends on this. But it doesn’t stop there! The same radiator is increasingly becoming a useful decorative element. Householders want it to blend in with the chosen arrangement. How to remedy this?

On the market we can find a huge number of models of radiators that are both functional, guaranteeing efficient heating, and decorative. Such models can be found at

We can choose from ladder radiators, which are considered one of the most practical and versatile in terms of aesthetics, as well as panel radiators and typically decorative radiators. What should you pay attention to when choosing them?

Heating power of the selected device

Very important is the parameter known as heating power. This is because it determines whether the temperature in the bathroom can be achieved and maintained at the desired level. The heating power must be adapted to the size of the bathroom, moreover, its height, the availability or lack of a window, as well as the possible installation of other heating systems, such as underfloor heating .

Also of great importance is whether the heater will perform additional functions. Greater heating power is certainly required for radiators that will be used by household members on a daily basis to dry towels, underwear or small items of clothing. After all, they will be partially covered, and most of the time.Thus, part of their power is used for drying, and the rest for heating the bathroom.

A good solution is to combine underfloor heating with a radiator installed on the wall. In this way you can not only heat the bathroom efficiently, but also provide maximum comfort for the household right after getting out of the bath. Stepping on a warm floor is extremely pleasant, and it is usually from the feet that the cold is most strongly felt.

Type of radiator supply

Before the final selection of the radiator, the type of power supply should also be taken into account. In this field there are radiators powered by the central heating network, electric or water-electric.Each of these solutions works well in the bathroom, but requires the installation of a radiator model that will be adapted to work with the chosen installation.

Consider all of the above tips, and you will be able to choose the right bathroom radiator. One that will guarantee both efficient heating and satisfy with decorative qualities.

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