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The island of Ciovo in Croatia and its best attractions

One of the more interesting locations in Croatia for a holiday stay is Ciovo Island. Located near Trogir, it is a slightly cheaper alternative,...

No idea for winter holidays? How about the Italian mountains!

Our country had a winter school holiday until recently, which means a great opportunity to go skiing and snowboarding with the whole family or...

Slow travel: How to travel consciously and discover the beauty of slow travel

Everyone dreams of enjoying a slow pace and exploring the beauty of the world. Slow travel is the perfect solution to put aside daily...

Digital Nomads, who are Digital Nomads and how do they live?

Digital Nomad is a concept that is a combination of modernity and the traditional term for tribes living a nomadic lifestyle. Nomads moved from...

The best restaurants in the world. Check out where they are located and what they are famous for!

The best restaurants in Poland and the world. See which places have conquered the culinary tastes of the greatest gourmets. What influences the success...

Cottages for rent in Bialka Tatrzanska in the picturesque Podhale region

Summer vacation or winter trip is worth spending in a special place. Relaxation with family or close friends is sure to recharge our batteries...

For a weekend in Georgia, or trekking in the Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus is magnificent and fascinating, far and near, it has a rich history but also a lively geopolitical situation. All this makes us...

What to do on the island of Siquijor? 5 ideas

Siquijor is a small island in the Philippinesac located south of Cebu in the Sulu Sea. And while it has infrastructure to support tourism,...

Affordable vacation in Europe, or vacation in Bulgaria

Sveti Vlas is an ideal vacation destination in Bulgaria. Situated in the eastern part of the Stara Planina mountain range, in close proximity to...
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