Why make sure your skin is well moisturized?

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Moisturizing creams are useful for many reasons. Not only do they protect the skin from external factors such as dry air, low temperatures or excessive heat. In addition, they have a soothing effect on various ailments that can take a toll on the complexion.

Why is moisturizing the skin so important?

Clearly, the skin not only has a protective function, but also contributes to a healthy and beautiful appearance – and when it is taken care of, also to the fact that our age is perceived as lower than it actually is.

When we neglect to protect our skin, it will be affected not only by temperature differences, but also, for example, by various types of microorganisms. It is for this reason that it is worthwhile to take care of regular skin nutrition (both at the level of using appropriate creams and by choosing a diet that is favorable in this regard). But that’s not all. Equally important is the proper hydration of the skin. This is important because it is this factor that affects the elasticity of the skin and, consequently, the skin better defends itself against micro-damage.

What affects skin hydration?

The first association of many people will probably be adequate hydration. Top unfortunately only a half-truth. Yes, consuming the right amount of fluids throughout the day certainly has an impact on the proper hydration of the skin (as well as on a myriad of other processes in the body, so you should definitely take care of it), but by itself it is not enough for the skin to actually maintain an adequate level of hydration.

External factors also matter. That’s why it’s worth taking care to regularly use a moisturizer, preferably one that contains additional nutrients or protective substances (for example, antioxidants that help protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals), which will affect the effectiveness of this cosmetic.

The use of seasonally-adapted protective creams is especially important in cold and hot weather. Both frost and heat can lead to the skin drying out quickly – and in summer there is also the problem of higher doses of UV radiation, which can also lead to negative changes in the skin (and for this reason in summer it is worth remembering to use creams with an appropriate UV filter).

When is it worth using a moisturizer?

We have already mentioned issues related to the weather, or dry air. However, external factors are not everything. Moisturizing cream also helps in cases where simply individual peculiarities cause the skin to dry out extremely quickly, as well as in situations related to certain health problems, such as atopic dermatitis, or psoriasis. In addition, it is worth simply applying moisturizing cream prophylactically in the morning and evening.

The cream itself should be selected according to your needs – taking into account the type of skin (normal or oily, dry, but also sensitive for example), but also paying attention to the conditions in which the cream will be used most often (for example, sometimes it will also matter how quickly the cream is absorbed by the skin).

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