Wedding dresses – add a touch of glamour to them, but remember the rules!

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Who does not like glitter? Creations for big outings all the time ask to enrich them with a bit of sparkle. However, not all events give you full freedom in the choice of styling. One such event is a wedding – it is often limited by a specific dress code, character and the wishes of the young couple. If you dream of a shiny dress for a wedding, you do not have to give it up, just remember to exercise restraint and follow a few simple but important rules.

Wedding dresses - add a touch of glamour to them, but remember the rules!
Dresses for a wedding – add a touch of glamour to them, but remember the rules!

Dresses for a wedding: sequins

Sequin creations – especially models that expose the knees and are richly decorated with shiny particles – are rather associated with New Year’s Eve parties, house parties or carnival events. Although they look phenomenal, unfortunately they do not fit into the wedding etiquette. However, this does not mean that this accessory is completely inadvisable. Sequins can appear as a detail, such as on the sleeves of a dress for a wedding. They can also decorate the outer garment to a creation, such as a short jacket or bolero. It is also important that sequins are spread rather sparingly and add just a hint of shine, without a disco ball effect.

Dresses for a wedding: the right fabrics

The beautiful shine of a dress for a wedding can also be provided by appropriately chosen fabrics. Silk, cupro (rayon), viscose and satin are fabrics that naturally have a touch of elegant sheen. These are also fabrics that commonly serve as a base for sewing cocktail and evening creations and other fashionable dresses for a wedding. For an even better effect, it is advisable to choose models with a streamlined cut, airy, sewn with a slant and without excessive details or patterns, to let their natural shine play the first fiddle.

Dresses for a wedding: the right fabrics
Wedding dresses: the right fabrics

Dresses for a wedding: lurex

Creations made of fabrics interlaced with lurex or metallic threads, as well as glittered ones, can also be a good idea for wedding dresses. Most often, these embellishments add shine to dresses in gold, copper or silver. This is a beautiful and stylish solution – thanks to it, dresses for a wedding shimmer impressively in the light, and at the same time look chic. Both lurex and shiny fabrics look most favorably on creations with case, envelope and wallet cuts. In this way, a seemingly simple dress gets an elegant finish, but retains its comfortable line.

Dresses for a wedding: crystals

Looking for a fashionable dress for a wedding, which not only looks beautiful, but also sparkles delightfully, it is worth looking around for models of evening creations decorated with crystals. It is advisable to choose dresses with sparkling ornaments arranged on the neckline, bodice or sleeves, while avoid creations entirely covered with strass. Such a solution beautifully illuminates the entire dress, and at the same time the beauty of the wearer herself – but at the same time the creation loses nothing of its elegance. It is also worth knowing that a particularly economical and neat effect is provided by crystals of small size and in a single color. On the other hand, so-called naked dresses, which consist of transparent panels and crystals covering the sensitive parts, are inadvisable for weddings. Within the framework of wedding etiquette, such models of dresses are considered too bold and too much exposing the body.

Shiny dresses for a wedding: colors.

Dreaming of a bit of flash at the wedding, it is also worth remembering the influence of colors on the final effect of the entire styling. Too intense a color combined with shine can give an unfavorable first impression of the wearer herself and provide the effect of a New Year’s Eve outfit, not a wedding outfit.

Shiny dresses for a wedding: colors
Shiny dresses for a wedding: colors.

First of all, it is recommended to avoid a dress for a wedding in red or white. The former in combination with satin or crystals will look unattractive, while the latter is a shade customarily reserved for brides. Choosing either of these two colors may indicate poor taste or ignoring the basic rules of savoir-vivre. Also inadvisable are any intense, bright shades: tangerine, orangish, orange, fuchsia, neon pink, turquoise, celadon or cobalt. A shiny dress in one of these colors could attract too much attention. Instead, suggestions from a palette of pastel tones are recommended, such as mint, lavender, powder pink, salmon, peach or flesh beige. Champagne and copper shades, ash gray, classic navy blue, heather, dark green, steel, burgundy or caramel will also be good choices.

Another color to avoid for a wedding dress is black, which, combined with gloss, can look unmistakably New Year’s Eve, plus it is a shade that is not accepted at every wedding. Also, creations in gold or silver can be interpreted as distinctly party-like and simply do not fit the nature of the wedding.

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