The power of beauty in the fight against disease part 2.

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A project by the More Beautiful Life Foundation and Coty

The Foundation for a More Beautiful Life and Coty, which helps women undergoing cancer treatment, and Coty, a long-time supporter of the Foundation, present another series of makeup tutorials featuring the Foundation’s charges. The second part of the materials is dedicated to eye and eyebrow makeup.

The power of beauty in the fight against disease
The power of beauty in the fight against disease

Reach as many female cancer patients as possible and reinforce the message: It’s possible to look beautiful in illness and feel better because of it are the key objectives of the campaign created by the Foundation and Coty. The project aims to show how important it is from a woman’s point of view to take care of herself during this difficult period of illness. Makeup is a substitute for normality and regaining femininity lost during treatment. Makeup makes me feel better, it’s my everyday life. Without it, there is no me. Even a tiny highlighting of the eyelashes, a dusting of powder or foundation makes me feel full, makes me feel better, ” stresses Anna Malek, one of the Foundation’s charges who took part in the project.

The tutorials, made by Eryka Sokólska – a makeup artist associated with the Max Factor brand belonging to Coty – show solutions that allow, on the one hand, to highlight the assets of beauty, and on the other hand, to mask the imperfections caused by the disease. These can be done independently at home. Makeup is an important element in the life of women in general, but it plays a special role at such a difficult time as oncological disease. In my work, but also privately, I have more than once dealt with women who faced a number of problems during the treatment process, both in the physical, beauty-related sphere, as well as in the psychological sp here,” adds Eryka Sokólska.

The tutorials cover the key makeup areas from the point of view of cancer patients: skin, eyebrows and eyelashes. The first part of the tutorials covered facial makeup, while the second part is dedicated to painting eyelashes and eyebrows. The disease causes both eyelashes and eyebrows to fall out during treatment, becoming thinning and thin. That’s why it’s important to get your eye makeup right, because it can do wonders. In two tutorials on eye makeup, Eryka Sokólska reveals what to do to lengthen, thicken and thicken eyelashes and eyebrows. Patients, thanks to the tutorials, have the opportunity to learn techniques for using eyeliner and eyebrows, they can find out how to properly line their eyebrows, how to use the potential of eye shadow, as well as what brush in mascara to choose. The biggest shock was the eyeliner on the lash line, which filled in the gaps and enhanced my eyes. One little line did almost all the makeup. In duo with the outlined eyebrows, they highlighted my beauty and made me feel like a million dollars. I learned that the eyebrow brush is used not only for combing the ey ebrows, but also for smudging the eyeliner,” confirms Ania Malek. With simple tips, patients can do their makeup at home.

The first part of the materials – facial makeup:

  • The power of beauty in the fight against disease: How to even out skin tone
  • The power of beauty in the fight against disease: Contouring the face

The second part of the materials dedicated to eyelashes and eyebrows:

  • The power of beauty in the fight against disease: Highlighting the eyes
  • The power of beauty in the fight against disease: Eyebrow makeup

The Foundation for a More Beautiful Life has been supporting women undergoing cancer treatment for fifteen years, organizing beauty and makeup workshops for them in hospitals across Poland. This wonderful initiative, with extraordinary therapeutic power, helps them cope with the side effects of treatment related to their appearance. What’s more, it makes them still able to feel beautiful and attractive. The workshop restores the tangible attributes of femininity during the difficult moments of cancer treatment. It’s a small step on the road to recovery, an interlude during the hospital routine. The workshop is also a chance, to meet in a female group, to break away from everyday life for a while. Continuing the idea of support and defining the need to reach an even wider circle of female patients, the Foundation for a More Beautiful Life, together with Coty and the Max Factor brand, which belongs to Coty, initiated the recording of unique makeup tutorials.

The makeup tutorials prepared allow the Foundation to reach female patients in hospitals, which is currently virtually impossible due to the pandemic situation, but also opens up the opportunity to reach a much larger group of cancer patients in general. I very much hope that thanks to this project and the materials created as part of it, we will be able to reach far more women, not only from our Foundation. What’s more, I’m quietly hoping that this approach will already become a tradition and will be a new, additional way to reach female patients,” says Katarzyna Klatt-Koryszewska, coordinator of the More Beautiful Life Foundation.

We are proud that for almost 15 years we have been able to support the More Beautiful Life Foundation both financially and in the form of donated products or partnership activities. As part of this project, together with the Max Factor brand, we are conducting a series of makeup tutorials not only for the Foundation’s charges, but also for cancer patients in general. We very much hope that this project will help support the activities of FPŻ and increase their reach ,” adds Aleksandra Kujawska, Senior Director Corporate Affairs CEE and Russia at Coty Poland.

What a change! – these are the words coming from the mouths of the patients who participate in the makeup workshops. This is the greatest proof that the small changes in appearance that can be made with makeup can do wonders. And a patient’s smile and pride in her new eyebrows or smoothed complexion is the driving wheel for further action. Makeup allows every woman to feel attractive, especially in illness it is a kind of therapy through which you can rediscover your beauty. Taking care of yourself, of your appearance, allows you to feel simply beautiful and feminine.

The material prepared by the More Beautiful Life Foundation and the Coty company featured the Foundation’s charges Malgorzata Dogoda and Anna Malek. The make-ups were done by Eryka Sokólska – official make-up artist of the Max Factor brand from the Coty portfolio.

Information about activities under pandemic conditions: the prepared materials were realized with special precautions. Participants and the production crew were tested for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with negative results in all of them. The so-called sanitary regime was maintained on the set.

About the More Beautiful Life Foundation

The Program Piękniejsze Życie is the Polish edition of the international project Look Good…Feel Better®. It was established in the United States in 1989 and is now active in 24 countries. It helps women undergoing cancer treatment. It is the only CSR activity of the entire cosmetics sector with an international character. The Polish Association of the Cosmetics Industry and its affiliated companies initiated the launch of the project in Poland in 2006 and were its exclusive implementers until 2011. At that time, the project was transformed into an independent Foundation for a More Beautiful Life, which the Association continues to actively support.

About Coty

Coty is a global leader in the beauty industry with a product portfolio that includes consumer-loved brands in color cosmetics (such as Max Factor, Bourjois, Rimmel and Miss Sporty), fragrance (such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein), and hair coloring and styling (such as Wella). Our company has a clear mission: to challenge prevailing definitions and standards of beauty, promote and support authenticity and celebrate diversity. Because for us at Coty, beauty is not about conforming to someone else’s ideal of beauty, but about respecting diversity and liberating everyone to shine in their own unique way.

Coty, along with its brands, is committed to a range of social activities that are integral to its sustainability strategy under the slogan Beauty That Lasts.

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