Paper cups – more than just a dish

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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The spring-summer season is associated with spending much more of our time outdoors. This is favored not only by the temperature, but by the aura around us. Everyone is much more willing to engage in outdoor activities, whether running, biking or walking. During long spring walks we sometimes catch the urge for a cup of aromatic coffee or freshly squeezed juice.

Given the current situation, entrepreneurs in the food service industry, wanting to continue providing their customers with their favorite drinks and dishes, have had to switch their production to this “take-away”. The first question on the mind of anyone who owns a restaurant or café was in what to serve their specialties. A plastic cup or a paper cup? A box made of plastic, or one made of sugar cane? Fortunately, with the welfare of our planet in mind, most opt for eco-friendly variants of dishes. Today let’s take a look at mugs.

Paper cups, in addition to their basic function of holding a drink, have many other advantages. There are several types of paper cup on the market today, both in terms of capacity and construction. However, let’s take a look at the construction. Single-wall mugs are great for serving cold drinks as well as hot drinks, but for hot drinks, i.e. coffee or tea, double-wall paper mugs are recommended. The double wall gives much greater comfort of use by insulating the hot drink from the surface of the hand. Among paper mugs with a double wall, we distinguish two variants – a sleev mug and a mug with a layer of air between the walls. Such paper cups are suitable not only for coffee or tea. Cold drinks, for which the season will soon begin, will also taste great from them.

Paper cups - more than just a dish
Paper mugs – more than just a dish

Another advantage of a paper mug is that it can be printed, which makes it an excellent marketing tool. By walking through town with coffee in a branded mug, we give ourselves the opportunity (as an entrepreneur) to become more known and gain many more potential customers.

Although the surface area of a paper mug is limited, it is worthwhile to design the graphics so that they attract attention. It is increasingly common to see links to social media, i.e. Instagram and Facebook, so that with one mug we can increase the reach on the given portals.

As we can see, one paper cup can conceal great power, thanks to its multifunctionality. Serve your favorite drink, give a sense of comfort, generate satisfaction, be a tool for advertising, carry good news and at the same time do not negatively affect the environment.

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