Joico reconstruction – the most important information about the hair treatment

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Beautiful, healthy, shiny and soft hair. Is there any other term for the particular qualities of them that make them simply stunning? Not necessarily. It is these four adjectives that are used in questions about what ideal hair looks like. That’s why, if an advertisement for treatments talks about these kinds of effects, a great many people succumb to them. One of them is Joico reconstruction. What is it? About it below.

Joico reconstruction – in general about the treatment.

Hair regeneration, known as Joico recon struction, is a hair treatment that uses a series of cosmetics from the brand. The entire treatment closes in about 60-90 minutes, after which the results are noticeable for most clients. First of all, Joico regeneration is the introduction of a mixture of 19 amino acids deep into the hair, which are fully compatible with the keratin contained in human hair, responsible for its health and good appearance. The effects are created by nourishing the hair from the inside, as well as elements of the treatment designed to improve the structure of the hair on the outside, i.e. smoothing the closure of the scales, leading to increased shine and softness.

Who is Joico reconstruction for?

Joico reconstructions are most often requested by people whose hair causes many problems both in styling and even proper care. These are usually dry hair, with a tendency to breakage and split ends. This condition is usually led to by treatments such as coloring, bleaching, perming, as well as inadequate care and the habit of frequent modeling with hair dryers, curling irons or straighteners.

Joico reconstruction is also often used to prevent damage to the hair before the treatments that can lead to damage are performed.

How does Joico reconstruction work?

The Joico reconstruction treatment consists of successive steps to improve the condition of the hair.

The first step is to perfectly clean the hair of all dirt, including that left by styling products and even silicones contained in hair care products, such as shampoos and conditioners standing on the shelves in almost every bathroom.

This is followed by a phase of smoothing the surface of the hair by equalizing porosity and restoring the proper pH. The next phase of Joico reconstruction is the application of the brand’s products, which penetrate deeply into the hair structure. Finally, there is a strong moisturizing of the hair and making the surface of the hair retain its smoothness and softness for as long as possible.

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