Consciousness Therapies – the path to Spiritual Awakening

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Consciousness Therapies is formed by a pair of spiritual teachers Dorota Venus and Krzysztof Orlowski, who guide seekers through the path of spiritual development. What spiritual development is and about its very infinity, they also teach, because spirituality, like consciousness, is unlimited. The following article will be about the Consciousness Therapy workshop “Path to Awakening”, which took place on November 13-14, 2021 at the House of Sound in Poznan. It was attended by more than 40 people.

What is spiritual development?

Countless publications, films, lectures and recordings have been written about spiritual development. It is impossible to determine which of them is the only true path to self-discovery, because there is no such path either, and at the same time, without undertaking to face the truth about ourselves, each of these aids, may be just a cluster of words fleeting in time and space. Spiritual development can therefore be most simply defined as recognizing and abiding in the truth, which is free from judgment, fear and suffering. It is an acceptance of oneself and letting go of control over the schemes and programs that have accompanied us in the continuity of existence. So what are these patterns and programs? They are all what we define as beliefs that have turned the broad road of knowledge of life into a narrow lane along which we move under the weight of social labels and norms. And in this narrow path, we are accompanied by a longing that we try to recognize, and here we grasp at the vision of a dream job, a partner, a place to live. Even if we achieve all this, the longing does not go away. So what do we long for throughout our lives? For ourselves – in this purest, free and loving form.

Consciousness Therapies – spiritual development in the face of ego traps

The November workshop by Dorothy Venus and Krzysztof Orlowski, touched on the subject of the ego, that is, the small mind grasping tightly to only what it knows – even if it only knows suffering. As humans, we become accustomed to the most uncomfortable conditions, simply because they are familiar to us – and anything new creates an illusory fear, because it represents a loss of control. And it is precisely about acquiescence to loss of control that the spiritual teachers of Consciousness Therapy spoke about. They pointed out the role of the ego during spiritual practices and the myths that shroud self-development. Spiritual development cannot be accomplished because the ego won’t stop talking, but you can stop listening to it. It’s a matter of changing one’s perspective – because, as the Fox from The Little Prince said, “One sees well only with the heart, the most important is invisible to the eyes.”

Spirituality does not pretend

As Dorothy and Christopher teach, a person who develops spiritually lives in truth with himself, and therefore has the right to be angry if he feels it. He has the right to doubt, if it arises – because questioning, after all, causes a desire to understand. It is an illusion to pretend not to see one’s fears and one’s desires. Spiritual development is not abiding in the lotus flower position and saying that everything is full of love – when inside ourselves we have emptiness and fear. The awakened mind doesn’t pretend anything. It doesn’t complicate its ability to spread its wings by hiding behind stenciled platitudes, colorful outfits, or the apparent calmness painted on its face when it feels heaviness inside. Spiritual development can thus be understood as acquiescing to feeling and expanding oneself in that feeling. This is noteworthy because the meditation of acquiescence opened the workshop and thus opened the participants’ hearts to what they came for. Everyone had their own intention, reason, need – some shared it, others allowed themselves to be silent. And each of these attitudes, was fine.

Enlightened man

There are a number of different concepts about the enlightened man. However, Consciousness Therapies indicates that a person becomes enlightened any time he or she makes a decision to be at peace with himself or herself, when he or she decides to choose Love. And what is it like to choose Love? To be at peace with oneself and abide in acquiescence. The path to enlightenment, and therefore to Love, although related to just one decision, is also a path that has no finale. This means that it is impossible to become enlightened and wipe one’s hands with the satisfaction of having accomplished everything. Enlightenment occurs repeatedly in the face of Love and Truth and is available to absolutely everyone who desires liberation from the depths of their hearts – and Dorota and Christopher also spoke about this.

Consciousness Therapies workshop

So what was the workshop on spiritual development that Dorota and Christopher of Therapies of Consciousness led? The November meeting was held in a room at the House of Sound in Poznan. Participants of the meeting equipped with mats, pillows and blankets listened to the lecture part of the workshop(although it has nothing to do with an academic lecture). They also took part in the discussion, expressed their thoughts, feelings and shared experiences from their own lives. The meeting was also rich in meditations, led by Krzysztof Orlowski – these served to deepen acquiescence, awareness, a sense of freedom and truth in self-love. And it was for these meditations that there were mats and comfortable cushions in the room. Although there were meditation veterans at the workshop, there were also people who were meditating for the first time in their lives, and this only proves that anyone can become enlightened, if they choose to do so. Although the subject matter of the workshop may seem so lofty and even pathetic – there was definitely no pathos. There was both laughter and tears, lots of joy, warm looks, humorous stories, both in the meeting room and in between workshops. Because, after all, these workshops are not about suffering, but about the full, free, uncontrolled joy of being in the Here and Now. The Now, which is the moment when everything in our lives is happening. The present is sometimes undervalued, because we keep dwelling on the past and dreaming of a better future, yet it is in the Now that everything happens. Everything is a matter of decision, and this decision is never made in the future, but in the present at the moment when we feel ready to change our lives. Although the November workshop is behind us, Consciousness Therapies conducts group meetings throughout Poland, but also individually, so anyone who feels the need will easily contact Dorota and Christopher.

Therapies of Consciousness – participants’ reflections after the workshop

I asked several workshop participants to share their reflections on their experience at past workshops.

“Every workshop under the mental roof of Consciousness Therapies, is a meeting with oneself – in a quiet room of honesty, where one thing happens – recognition and understanding. At the door leading to the exit, the moment of decision awaits: go into the new or stay in the old. Of course, I go with confidence into the new – even when the ego screams desperately that it doesn’t want it…, even when the body is trembling with terror because it is just entering a new vibration that it doesn’t know… This is also how it was at this workshop. I entered the honesty room and found there a huge darkness, a lot of depressing imaginings and thoughts pulling me down into the abyss… A piece of my world collapsed again. And supposedly I knew that it was just an illusion that I could simply transcend, and yet I found it difficult to rise from my knees. Ego makes a pulp of us in such moments. However, I listened to others and listened to the voice of Dorothy and Christopher. I forced myself to stand on the threshold and decide yes. Now I can still feel the effects of that tumble. The mind is still transmitting, still struggling… But I am quietly letting go. Bit by bit with each minute. With each breath I am deeper. Deeper the truth about myself.” – Sylvia.

“Most people asked why they are going to the workshop do not know the answer in the first moment. The vision of meeting Krzys and Dorothea appears and we let ourselves be carried away by the current of events. In the company of people we do not know we experience the most intimate emotional experience. Intention emerges, to which we dedicate the workshop days. We observe how the mind rebels before confronting what we try to push out of our consciousness. We experience anger, sadness, longing, feelings that we often cannot name in words. Emotions that our soul tries to shout at us so that we finally start listening to it. Tired of fighting our own egos, we give in to meditation. And so miracles are born. The head lets go, and in place of anger, insecurity and fear comes the peace we so long to experience. Unconditional love and hope replace the eternal head analysis. Although we go to meet the Masters with different stories, intentions and fears, we return home wrapped in peace with the feeling that we are not alone. That this peace we have experienced can accompany us always, if only we are willing to do so and sacrifice the ego with the goal of building a conscious life. That we too can become Masters.” – Alicia.

“This is my fourth workshop with Dorotka and Krzys, where I once again realize and allow myself to feel what a wonderful luminous being I am. We are light… Love… One. I realize that everything that meets and touches me , serves my growth and leads me on the right path “home” , to the one , greatest longing of life to the absolute of boundless and unconditional Love. I knew that changes were coming , I could feel it. On the second day of the workshop, I saw an indigo-colored blue light under my closed eyelids…. It appeared between my eyes and then spread to the whole head and beyond it pulsed even spread the area between my eyes. I asked Dorotka and Krzys what it meant. They both said it was very good, and Krzysiu added: “when you start seeing blue butterflies, it means that shamanic knowledge will reveal itself to you”. I feel this place between my eyes all the time, when I touch it with my fingers I feel that it is very sensitive to my touch – I don’t know what will happen and where this new path of life will lead me, but I trust and feel that the “Unknown” is leading me to many fascinating adventures. I feel Love gratitude and joy inside me.” – Wiola.

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