Brick tiles – or how to turn a modern interior into a charming classic?

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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The fact that we can find whatever we dream up in the stores at the moment is probably already the norm, to which we are accustomed. Hardly, sometimes more creative people look for the interior finishing elements they have dreamed up, not too much believing in finding the perfect ones. Meanwhile, not only do they find them, but it turns out that they have many more options to choose from that didn’t even cross their minds.

Brick tiles as an interesting idea for the interior

Such brick tiles in our first thought are rather one, maybe two patterns. Meanwhile, there is a full array of them, which is just waiting for us to choose the right ones and decorate the interior so that they fit there one hundred percent.

Yes, the multitude of choices, as well as the possibilities of our imagination can give a really interesting recipe for the perfect interior, which we will create without much difficulty in finding the right materials to complete the project.

Brick tiles – whitewashed

Speaking of bricks for the wall, we usually have in front of our eyes classic brick tiles in the color of… brick. Sometimes these are uniform, straight and perfectly even tiles imitating modern brick walls, sometimes those that pretend to be cracked, uneven ones that are several hundred years old. Only there is much more. A great example would be brick tiles, which look exactly like the ones that have been bitten by the tooth of time, but at the same time something else is added to them. The atmosphere of a whitewashed wall. Yes, the walls of interiors have always been whitewashed for various reasons (not necessarily visual), and this kind of brick tiles perfectly replicate it.

Interestingly, bricks stuck on the wall in white or gray are incredibly versatile. With them you can reflect the unique atmosphere of vintage, rustic, Provençal interiors, and even modern Scandinavian style. In the latter, their appearance slightly “softens” its severity.

Brick tiles – a finishing touch to the arrangement.

So, returning to the classic bricks mentioned at the beginning of the previous paragraph, you also need to think about the finishing of this type of brick surfaces. Some people simply finish the area where the brick tiles are located with wood, and sometimes just leave an unfinished section, giving the wall even more of a few centuries of rawness. But there are other options as well.

You can also buy stylized cornices, which will be a nice finishing touch to the brick surface, or mounted somewhere between the rows, giving them even more of a classic feel. In a good store that sells bricks for the wall, you can even buy appropriately stylized sections of cornices, which will actually be a great place for a light strip, for example.

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