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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Armonia is a space created by Arleta Polomskaya. A space understood not only as a physical place, but above all as a space to meet oneself: in the light and in the shadow. It is a spiritual journey that, in full trust and honesty with oneself, can transform the perception of things inside and outside of us – that is, what we experience in everyday life. See what kind of journey Armonia invites you to.

Armonia – who am I?

For many yearsArleta Polomskaya has been accompanying people who need support in recognizing what needs their tender attention. These are childhood traumas that cry out for attention, emotional pain, discomfort, stories that don’t let themselves be forgotten, patterns that have been duplicated for years, and any other situation that is a pebble on our life path – and that stubbornly returns and can’t be avoided. Supporting Arleta in these struggles, over the years, are energy sessions through subtle body touch on the places where unexpressed emotions, stories, disappointments and losses have become bogged down. Simply noticing and giving attention to these spaces in the body, sets in motion a process – but one that, can only be fully expressed when we choose to face it ourselves. Arleta has accompanied many people through physical and at the same time energetic touch, and now invites us to an even deeper journey. One in which we stand in Truth with ourselves – and yet this truth is within us, only we don’t always know from which side to approach it and how to truly communicate with it.

Why is now the time for changes in Armonia? Because these changes, experienced Arleta herself. In full confidence, two years ago she left her beloved Zielona Gora and settled in Zielonki near Krakow, where she co-founded “Haven of the Heart” – a holistic clinic. With a new experience, honoring the changes inside and out, Arleta returned to Zielona Gora and invites you to the new Armonia.

Spiritual development – a friend from the Heart

New Armonia may sound enigmatic, so now we will unveil the curtains and take a peek into the new space. Spiritual development is not just about peace, harmony, love and other shining lights. Spiritual development, one that is fully honest with ourselves, exposes us to trials and encounters with the part of ourselves that we do not accept. However, we know that something in us is asking for attention only that we ourselves are not always able to look at it. We need a companion, a guide, a friend to be by our side on this journey. And it is in this role – not played, but completely sincere – that Arleta Polomskaya comes. Armonia invites you to a spiritual development session, where, like with a friend, you sit down in a chair and talk, thus uncovering layer after layer of your shadow to see what has been hidden for years. It’s like talking to a friend – from the Heart for the Heart, because the Heart is where the answers to all questions are, and those answers are also within you. Arleta, through conversation, focus, trust, will help you get to asking the right questions that will lead you to clear answers. This process can be topped off with a session of energetic touch so that transformation and cleansing takes place on many levels: Heart, Mind, Spirit and Body. All of these spaces are interconnected, so they all need attention.

Spiritual Development Zielona Góra
Armonia Arleta Polomskaya

Spiritual healing sessions – for whom?

Who can come to a meeting with Arleta Polomskaya? Anyone who desires a meeting with themselves. If you are on a life curve, desire change, want to start a new activity, deepen relationships with yourself and others, heal relationships with parents, partner, children, friends and are looking for support in this process – Armonia and Arleta are here for you.

Spiritual development: individual sessions Zielona Gora

How are the sessions conducted? Armonia invites you to one-on-one sessions in Zielona Gora and online sessions that allow you to meet Arleta wherever you are. Sessions are about getting to know yourself, what you come to Armonia with, what you expect, what is your intention, and then you begin to work on yourself in an insightful and authentic way – to change your life. Remember, however, that this process may involve emotions we don’t quite like: like anger, sadness, grief. However, all of these require our attention to get in better touch with our emotions. Sometimes we repress these more difficult states because they are not “spiritual” and “full of light,” but still – they are part of us, and by repressing them, we cannot fully recognize what is authentic in us. For the sense of relief, peace, lightness and joy, there is room in this process as well. It’s an integration of shadow and light, every color of our lives.

Spiritual development – workshops Zielona Gora

In addition to individual sessions, Arleta and Armonia invite you to group workshops. In an intimate group, you will be able to meet with a topic that is important to you at the moment. It’s a meeting with self-esteem, with femininity and masculinity, with your own power, with light and shadow. It is a time for you, and at the same time a moment when you will experience the support of your process in the group.

Armonia Arleta Połomska

Address: 17 Radosna St. (Drzonków), Zielona Gora


phone: 600 938 265

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