4 tips on how to buy a good bed

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When decorating a bedroom, many people focus primarily on the appearance of the interior. There is nothing wrong with this, but do not forget that the most important task should be to find a comfortable bed. Why? A comfortable piece of furniture ensures an effective night’s rest and, consequently, full of energy the next day. How to choose the right bed? Check it out!

You know the saying: “As you bed, so you sleep”? It applies not only to the issue of bedding, but the entire bed. Deciding to sleep on an uncomfortable piece of furniture, you certainly can’t expect a peaceful sleep. Thus, when arranging a bedroom, focus not only on the colors of the walls or accessories, but above all on choosing a comfortable bed, for example, from the offer of MWM Furniture store. We suggest how to choose a bed to enjoy its comfort for years.

Bed for a minimalist or glamour style bedroom?

When it comes to beds, appearance plays a secondary role. However, this does not mean that you should choose any piece of furniture that turns out to be comfortable. Fortunately, the choice of models in different styles is so large that you will certainly be able to choose a model that combines aesthetics with comfort. In the MWM Furniture store you will find beds that differ in appearance. For a glamour bedroom, you can choose a velour upholstered model with decorative quilting or metal upholstery trim. For minimalist interiors, furniture upholstered with eco-leather characterized by modern lines and lack of ornamentation will work better.

Bed with or without a mattress?

Wondering whether to buy a bed with a mattress or to choose a mattress yourself after buying the bed? When it comes to the convenience of the solution, the first option will certainly prove better. Then you do not waste time finding, fitting and selecting a mattress for a bed with specific dimensions (both regarding length, width and height). On the other hand, there is a risk that the mattress offered in the package will turn out to be not very comfortable for you. Fortunately, in the MWM Furniture store you can find beds with mattresses included (with high-quality bonell springs), as well as without them.

4 tips on how to buy a good bed
4 tips on how to buy a good bed

Bed with a bedding container or with drawers?

When it comes to your bed, what is important to you is not only the comfort of sleeping, but the daily use? Consider what type of furniture will therefore be most suitable for you. There are beds with a bedding container in the main bed box, with drawers pulling out from the sides and front of the furniture, as well as models without containers and drawers. If you have a small bedroom, but do not want to hide bedding in the container or drawer every day, you can use this space to store, for example, unworn clothes, bedding.

A bed with a mattress for one or two people?

One of the key criteria for choosing a bed is its purpose for one or two people. The size of the furniture depends on this. The largest models available in the MWM Furniture store include a bed with a 180 × 200 cm mattress. They are available in different versions: upholstered, continental, with and without a container. This size of the bed allows two adults to sleep comfortably, and sometimes even two people and a child. The standard size of a two-person bed with a mattress is 160 × 200 cm (for slender people, the 140 × 200 size will also be suitable). The 120 × 200 cm and 80 × 200 cm mattresses, however, accommodate single beds.

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