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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Total Biology has been a very popular field of alternative medicine for several years. This is a result of the public’s growing interest in topics related to consciousness, spirituality, or mindfulness. What is total biology, what are the conflicts, and does it really all work?

Total Biology what is it?

TotalBiology is a concept according to which all diseases have their origin in our psyche. This means that our emotions can create diseases. Very often their source lies in unconscious traumas from the past and difficult childhood experiences. All unhealed and unreleased emotions are stored in the cells of the body. Diseases according to total biology represent information about conflicts we can’t cope with, and what from the conscious state is pushed down to the subconscious, and this ultimately creates the disease. In other words, repressed problems do not disappear, but find an outlet as a disease.

Total Biology and Germanic Medicine

The beginning of the new concept of healing is the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German theologian and doctor of medicine. He created the concept of new medicine and Germanic New Medicine. After an accident and the death of his dyna Dirk, Dr. Hamer noticed a deterioration in his health, initially from concentration problems and sleep disorders to infections and inflammation and the appearance of testicular cancer. The health problems described were indicative of a conflict, and thus the formation of diseases as a result of the trauma experienced in connection with the death of his son. Dr. Hamer described the stress of Dirk’s death and bereavement as an internal conflict, which he concluded was the cause of the cancer. Based on his case, he developed the concept of alternative causes of the disease and a treatment method based on psychotherapy. He abandoned other treatment methods and gave in to his own, through which he recovered. Germanic medicine is believed to be the basis of Total Biology. However, Total Biology does not exclude the support of modern medicine.

Total Biology does not reject medicine

And although Dr. Hamer has abandoned other therapeutic methods, Total Biology itself does not exclude the use of modern medicine. Opponents of alternative therapy often label TB as dangerous – but many of its supporters emphasize the importance of using a variety of therapies. Total Biology is about resolving emotional conflict, but this medicine alone does not promise recovery. Through TB sessions, the patient reaches out to traumatic and repressed past experiences. Once the conflict is resolved, the patient may develop fever, inflammation – which requires cooperation with the doctor. TB helps on an emotional level, while the doctor’s support allows the body to regenerate. People looking for a chance to heal reach for various methods of treatment, so it is not excluded to use modern medicine when treating TB.

Conflict and causes – examples

In order to understand the meaning of TB, let’s use the example of obesity. Overweight is not considered a disease, but a cause. According to total biology, obesity often occurs in people who have felt abandoned, unneeded and therefore also lonely for a long time. It is not about a specific number of people around us, but the feeling of being rejected and lonely. This leads to a thickening of the renal tubules, and thus a decrease in the amount of urine excreted by several percent from the optimal value. As a result of this process, weight gain occurs. Example – there are two sisters, one of them is favored by her parents, while the other is left on the sidelines. The one experiencing abandonment, loneliness may later gain weight by creating the conflict we mentioned. A Total Biology healer can use a number of tools to help the patient resolve the conflict – one of which is Radical Forgiveness.

Total Biology
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The process of forgiveness involves forgiving both others and oneself for one’s own attitudes, feelings of being inferior, insufficient and unsatisfactory. So it is a form of therapy that may require more than one session, but it also involves working on one’s mindset. Of course, being overweight can present many different conflicts, such as territoriality, the need to fight, etc. This is just one example – during a TB session the patient can find his own individual conflict. This also applies to cancer, e.g. breast cancer has its basis in fear for a close family member.

Scientific criticism

Total Biology is not considered a science, and there are no direct scientific studies that confirm the direct impact of healing through TB therapy. However, there are a great many proponents of the method who believe they have recovered from their conditions through it.

Total Biology is healing through awareness of one’s fears, past conflicts. For many it represents hope when traditional medicine spreads its hands helplessly, for others it is the only acceptable form of treatment, and there are those who consider total biology to be total nonsense. Nonetheless, this form of alternative medicine is gaining more and more interest every year.

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