Samarite Divine Cream – a multi-tasking cream for fans of cosmetic minimalism

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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The beauty industry is, in today’s challenging times, a place where one can indeed get lost and at least a little confused. It offers both women and men a wide variety of – more or less necessary – body and facial care products. Advertisements and influencers constantly tell us that we need a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream, a day serum, a night serum and many others. Is this really true? Of course not! We might as well choose a multifunctional product, such as Samarite Divine Cream, which can successfully replace all the cosmetic products mentioned a moment ago for you and us. How this is possible, how Samarite DIVINE Cream works and much more. Read on!

What is the secret of Samarite cosmetics? Everything you need to know about the brand’s products

Samarite is a popular cosmetic brand, which, contrary to appearances, has really few products in its range. What, then, made the products with its logo charm the world? It’s a combination of modern technology, experience, multi-generational knowledge passed down from grandson to grandson, and the best – ingredients used in their production. The compositions of Samarite products, such as DIVINE cream, are not particularly complicated, and it is in their simplicity that the greatest secret of the effectiveness of these products lies.

What you will find in the composition of DIVINE SAMARITE CREAM? These are:

  • glycerine
  • arnica montana extract,
  • niacinamide,
  • rutin,
  • and many others.

Quality, not quantity, is what counts

As we mentioned earlier, the market floods us every day with newer and newer proposals, which – according to the companies producing them – we should use. Meanwhile, we – meaning the users – are increasingly fed up with it. The enormity of cosmetics seems overwhelming to us, and that is why we are more and more willing to reach for universal products that we can use in many different ways.

An example of such a product is precisely Samarite Divine Cream. This cream will successfully replace for you such cosmetics as:

  • day face cream,
  • night face cream,
  • eye cream,
  • cleavage cream,
  • night mask,
  • and others.

At this point, let’s point out that cosmetic minimalism, that is, choosing multitasking products, is not only more space in the bathroom. It also saves money and time. It definitely pays off.

Why you should invest in Divine Cream rejuvenating moisturizer

Samarite Divine Rejuvenatingand Strongly Mo isturizing Cream is a cosmetic that is designed to act as a rejuvenating, smoothing, moisturizing cream. In addition, it has a brightening, lifting, illuminating effect and more. When applied to the face regularly, it reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scars.

How to apply this cream?

Samarite Divine cream is applied to the face immediately after washing and toning. We gently rub it into the face, while massaging. If you apply foundation to this cream – rest assured, you do not have to worry that the fluid will run off or roll off. Samarite cream works well with most foundations.

Have you ever heard of Divine cream? If so, be sure to test it – you will be delighted!

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