Medicinal marijuana vs. CBD oil

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Recently, CBD-containing oil has been gaining popularity. It is a magical remedy for virtually every ailment, but it cannot replace medicine. In addition to this, we have recently been able to legally possess medical marijuana throughout the country. On the surface, these are two fairly similarly acting substances, but they have a number of characteristics that differentiate them.

The basic thing is that we can get CBD practically on the spot, in every second store associated with trafficking, while for medical marijuana we must have a special prescription from a doctor. However, not everyone knows what, the difference between cannabis seeds that contain CBD and medical marijuana.

Ease of access

Let’s start with what was mentioned above, which is the availability of medicinal marijuana, and CBD oil. In order to obtain medical marijuana, we need to go to a doctor and demonstrate to him that marijuana is even necessary for our treatment and we need to take it because other medicinal means are failing. If we manage to do this we will receive a prescription, with which we go to the pharmacy and fill it. Unfortunately, we will not do this in every pharmacy. We have to check carefully where we will be able to fill our prescription. And after realization we already have medicinal marijuana. On the other hand, when it comes to cannabis oil with CBD content, we will get it practically everywhere. All we have to do is find the right store, or a trafficking stand we choose what species we want and we’re done. We make the purchase and have CBD.

Medical marijuana

The most important thing is that it must come from a strictly controlled cultivation, where the concentration of THC is controlled on an ongoing basis. It must not exceed a certain level because, it will not only soothe pain or promote healing, but also have a psychoactive effect. The latter action is very undesirable when conducting treatment with this method. Therefore, it is under strict control. We use it in the form of vaporization. Not total combustion, partial heating of the dry. Because with complete combustion such a high temperature is produced, so that many of the desired active substances do not reach our body. Before use, crush the inflorescence well, preferably in a specially designed grinder. It should not be cut with a knife. The next step is already pouring it into the vaporizer and we can safely enjoy the benefit of medical marijuana.

CBD oil

This is nothing but a special oil extracted from hemp seed. As far as cannabis is concerned, there are no special guidelines for the concentration of CBD in hemp seed. Because this variety of hemp does not contain THC at all or contains very trace amounts. Because of this, this variety has no psychoactive effects on humans. Its medicinal properties are 100% safe. As with the medical variety, the best form of use is vaporization. Here, too, we can’t do combustion, as all the substances will be destroyed. It is worth using the oily form, as it contains more CBD, as this is condensed in the oil.


As we can see, medicinal marijuana and CBD oil work on practically the same principle. Both forms are safe for human use. The only really significant difference between the two substances is actually availability. One we get on hand, while for the other we have to try quite hard to get a prescription. As for the action, it is very similar in both cases.

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