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The law firm provides assistance to both businesses and individuals. Many times the intricacy of legal norms makes it necessary to have the support of specialists in case of possible legal problems.

The law firm provides assistance to both businesses and individuals. Many times the intricacy of legal norms makes it necessary to support specialists in case of possible problems of a legal nature. The family lawyer provides services in the field of sensitive family matters, which very often generate a lot of emotions.

What kind of cases does a family lawyer help with?

Legal regulations are characterized by constant changes, updates or complexities. The average person very often has problems with understanding a particular provision, so in the case of unpleasant situations, related to the law, it is necessary to turn for help to an experienced and competent specialist. Law firm Katowice brings together professionals in every field of law. Therefore, anyone who currently requires assistance can turn to it for support.

Family lawyer Katowice is an invaluable person in delicate situations involving members of our family. Very often, matters pending between loved ones, bring with them a huge amount of emotions, sometimes negative. They also generate a lot of nerves and worries. Most often a family lawyer deals with the following issues: divorce without a judgment of guilt, divorce with a judgment of guilt, parental kidnapping, international child abduction, establishment or denial of paternity, separation, enforcement of alimony, division of property, establishment, limitation or termination of parental authority, establishment and enforcement of contact with children or general juvenile matters.

What cases a family lawyer helps with
What kind of cases does a family lawyer/ pexels help with?

Civil law – the scope of the law firm’s support

The law firm can also provide services in other areas of law – such as civil law Katowice. Then the scope of assistance may include, among other things, cases related to an action for payment, enforcement proceedings, inheritance, inheritance, disinheritance, donation or its revocation, incapacitation, domestic violence, marital prenup, pauliacy complaint. Of course, attorneys can also draft and give opinions on all kinds of contracts and obligations – for example, contracts for work, orders, sales, rent, leases, loans, civil partnerships, cases involving renovations or construction work. It is recommended that entrepreneurs also benefit from the comprehensive support of a law firm. Then they receive invaluable advice on legal issues – for example, when drafting contracts with contractors or clients.

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