Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – new generation at your fingertips

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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The modern world could not exist without digital support in the form of new technologies and the Internet. Of course, we are talking not only about devices that directly affect our lifestyle, but also about sensible gadgets that can help in many aspects of life. For a long time now, more and more people have decided to buy smart watches. After all, with their help we can check the time, measure our heart rate, sleep quality and more. Recently, however, smartwatches have entered a whole new generation, resulting in the GT3 Pro model released by Huawei. What is worth knowing about it?

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – for men and women

Quite a few people who decide to buy their first smart watch have serious doubts. Most often it is a question of whether a particular model will match a certain styling. In the case of the titanium Huawei Watch GT3 Pro this problem simply ceases to exist. Why? Well, the manufacturer was tempted to add a larger and smaller version of the watch to its range. The versions also differ in material – some are made of ceramic and others of titanium. This makes the choice much larger, allowing us to choose a product tailored to our individual preferences.

Huawei has long led the way in the field of consumer electronics. The smartwatches produced by the company are gigantically popular around the world. They are also characterized by high quality, durability and a multitude of available functions. The GT3 Pro model only underscores this fact. Users who choose to purchase this smartwatch can enjoy, among other things, the ability to pay, read messages, measure heart rate, sleep quality, ECG functions, GPS, Bluetooth and much, much more. It’s also a treat for sports enthusiasts.

The GT3 Pro is all about IP68 support, so guaranteed water resistance. Ba! You can even dive freely in this smartwatch, and up to a depth of 30 meters. What’s more, the Health app allows you to track your underwater conquests and keep statistics from them. For those who love sea swimming, this is great news, especially since the GT3 Pro will also work in salt water. The manufacturer also took care of the exceptional durability of the model in question. To this end, elements made of ceramic or – in the case of the second version – titanium were used.

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – available versions

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro is a completely new generation in the case of smart watches. We’re not even talking about the functions themselves (although there are plenty of those, too), but mainly about the design itself. The smaller version has a 43 mm diameter dial and is dedicated mainly to the female part of users. The large watch has a 46 mm dial and is mainly aimed at gentlemen, although – it is worth noting here – the design of both versions is so universal that it will successfully match any styling. What other differences are there between the two? Well, one significant one. The small watch will last on the battery for up to a week, and the larger version for up to 14 days.

Of course, depending on the version, we may be tempted to choose a version made mainly of ceramic or mainly of titanium (titanium envelope and sapphire glass dial). The GT3 Pro is ultra-efficient and works with Android and iOS. The multitude of available functions is also a delight here. This watch offers more than 100 sports modes (including the aforementioned diving capability), ECG function, improved heart rate and pulse and saturation measurement, and the ability to monitor sleep quality. The GPS function has also been improved here. All data is sent from the watch to the Huawei Health app. It’s there that we can view available statistics and track our goals, achievements and current stress status, among other things. The GT3 Pro also has a golf mode dedicated to the game of golf.

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro – is it worth it?

Definitely yes! Huawei has made sure that the GT3 Pro provides the user with the best possible experience and guarantees outstanding quality at the same time. Compared to the capabilities of this smartwatch, the price is not exorbitant. This model will work well in the hands of beginner athletes, as well as for daily use or monitoring your health and exercise progress.

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