Home garden – what is worth planting?

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Trees, plants, shrubs, or maybe a vegetable or fruit garden – are you trying to arrange your garden and wondering what to plant in it? The plan and design of the garden is the basis, so start with this! Choose your favorite plant species, plan the available space well and be delighted with the result. Dream garden? Check out our tips!

A dream garden? Take care of the details!

Planting plants in a home garden should be well planned beforehand – both in terms of soil or sunlight preferences, similar fertilizer or watering requirements, as well as available space. A common mistake is to plant plants too densely without considering space for later growth. Many plants also don’t like to be transplanted too often – by properly planning your home garden, you will undoubtedly avoid this, as well as provide the plants with excellent conditions for growth. In addition to this, you should also take care of a beautiful lawn, which will give you an overall great effect! Only with a well-groomed lawn and well-chosen plants will you get the garden of your dreams, so take care of every detail! How to make your lawn thick and intensely green? Bet on lawn fertilizers – special preparations that will quickly strengthen the lawn, as well as accelerate its growth.

What plants to plant? Choose varied and contrasting species!

Trees or shrubs, deciduous or coniferous, ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits or herbs – the choice is huge! Popular garden plants include roses, hydrangeas, lilacs, forsythias, velvets, thuyas, boxwood, pansies, lavender or yew or fir. However, the choice of specific species is a matter of individual taste, ability, as well as needs. Once you have made your choice, familiarize yourself with the principles of care and take care of both the correct soil, irrigation, as well as care products.

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