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Apulse meter is a device that is used to monitor and measure the heart rate. With it, you can take a measurement of your pulse rate, during physical activity. Pulsometer looks like a watch with a synchronized band worn on the chest, which measures the heart rate.

Pulsometer for whom and how does it work?

This is the device most often chosen by athletes, especially runners. However, it is designed for any physical activity, such as cycling or team sports. The device allows us to control our body and analyze its reactions to physical exertion. In addition, it adds motivation for further exercise, control over workouts, and also assists us in weight loss. How does the heart rate monitor work? As we mentioned, it constitutes a kind of watch that collects information from a synchronized band, located on the chest, although new models also collect information from the pulse on the wrist. The data collected by the device is displayed on the watch’s screen. What the heart rate monitor shows depends on the model of the device. Depending on the type of watch, the recorded data are:

  • current pulse rate,
  • maximum and minimum pulse during training,
  • calories burned so far,
  • the general state of the body’s fitness.

In addition, most models of heart rate monitors also have a traditional watch function, and have a built-in stopwatch.

Heart rate monitor vs. pulse oximeter

Let’s not confuse a pulse oximeter with a pulse oximeter, although they are similar-sounding names, but the applications of the devices are completely different . Pulse ox imeter is used to measure the oxygenation of the patient’s blood, that is, it indicates the level of saturation. Who is a pulse oximeter for? It is used, among other things:

  • when monitoring oxygen therapy in patients with severe respiratory disorders,
  • in advanced respiratory diseases, such as asthma, emphysema and other respiratory diseases,
  • monitoring patients with anemia.

Pulse meter ranking 2022

Which heart rate monitor should you choose so that you are satisfied with its functionality? First of all, it should be tailored to your needs and expectations. Therefore, do not decide on the cheapest and simplest model. In the case of this device, it is worth approaching the purchase consciously and with a greater understanding of the market.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

This is one of the more interesting models on the market, thanks to its equipment with the most important functions for athletes specific to a heart rate monitor. In addition, it also has a GPS, stopwatch, timer and a capacious battery that will last for several workouts without recharging. It can also act as an activity monitor, counting steps, calories burned and monitoring sleep. It supports such activities as running, cycling, swimming in the pool and open water, and triathlon. In addition, it has an eye-pleasing design, and is also lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is important during workouts.

Garmin Fenix 5

A compact, lightweight watch with an aesthetically pleasing design is designed for many sports. It uses Elevate wrist heart rate technology, which allows you to monitor your heart rate without wearing a chest sensor strap. What features does this model have?

  • reports on training efficiency and progress,
  • analyzes your training data for running or cycling, so it can estimate the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use per minute, and this helps determine your fitness,
  • counts down the recommended rest time after your last workout thanks to the rest indicator.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

This high-quality model will meet the needs of many athletes. It is highly durable, so it is conducive to extreme sports, it is water resistant (up to 100 meters), and the touch screen provides resistance to field conditions. It is equipped with GPS, a tilt-compensated digital compass and a battery that lasts for 8-12 hours of use with GPS. In addition, heart rate is measured on the wrist, and it supports more than 80 sports with an option for competitions or intervals. It has a triathlon and multi-sport mode, as well as the ability to configure interval training on the watch.

Polar M430

This is a runner’s model with built-in GPS, measures heart rate from the wrist, and has many training functions with a 24-hour activity monitor. It also features:

  • Fitness Test – a test that measures aerobic capacity based on resting heart rate, heart rate variability and personal information.
  • Training Benefit – provides information on the effect of training on the body, after the workout has been completed.
  • Calorie counter.
  • Training loads.
  • Recovery Mode.
  • Sleep Plus – monitors the length and quality of sleep.

Garmin Forerunner 235

The last of the presented models is designed mainly for running enthusiasts. The watch is equipped with a sensor that measures heart rate on the wrist, while its indicator displays the heart rate zone and the number of heartbeats per minute. It also has a function for tracking such activities as the number of steps, distance traveled, calories burned and the amount of sleep during the day. With its built-in accelerometer, it records distance and pace data during treadmill and indoor track runs.

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