Crystal Lamp Sessions. The healing power of crystals from Brazil

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Louise Barnett
Louise Barnett
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Crystal lamp sessions may sound a bit mysterious – and indeed they are associated with a certain mystery and mysticism. The crystal lamps we write about here are not lamps that hang from the ceiling and illuminate the inside of a room, but the inside of a person. We will tell you about the crystals that Elżbieta Schonfeld brought from Brazil to Poland in our article. We invite you on an extraordinary journey.

Abadiania a place of crystal power

Abadiania is a small, poor town in eastern Brazil, which became world famous for healings that went beyond the understanding of modern medicine and science. The first healing took place in 1978, before the Dom Inacio de Loloy Clinic was even established. The healing through a medium was performed by Joao de Deus, or John of God, who is also the clinic’s founder. Thousands of people with various ailments, visited the clinic every day and received healing also in those cases where modern medicine spread its hands helplessly. We are talking about both cancer and autoimmune diseases, disabilities and every other dysfunction that affects the human body. It should be emphasized, however, that not all patients of the clinic, experienced healing in the form in which the expression can be commonly understood. Countless people who arrived with an illness returned home without it. However, there were also those who, through healings, were able to experience death without fear. Treatments were performed through spiritual and physical surgeries, as well as herbal medicine and finally crystals, especially the crystal bed. At this point it should be added that it was the incredible power of the crystals found in the Abadian location that brought not only physical healing, but also deep spiritual experiences. This extraordinary locality is described as a portal between the physical and spiritual worlds. So let’s return to the subject of crystals. What is a crystal bed? It consists of 7 mountain crystals, which activate and balance the seven chakras in the body. The chakras are responsible for a person’s mental and physical health. Elzbieta Schonfeld, then a restaurateur from Krakow, who, like many others, felt the need to come to Abadiania, spent 4 years in the place of crystal power. She witnessed miracles, healings, and experienced phenomena herself that went beyond the understanding of the rational mind. And although Ela knew and felt more from the moment she was born, Abadiania moved her to the most tender strings of her heart. And what does it mean that she felt and knew more? We wrote about spiritual awakening at Consciousness Therapy. Ela had been a conscious human being since birth, perceiving the world through the prism of not so much as the body, but more importantly the spirit, through the heart rather than the rational mind. However, since consciousness is not limited, it can still be expanded – and the path for Ela included crystals.

Abadiania/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld

Crystal lamp sessions what does it look like?

Before we get into what a crystal lamp session looks like, let’s go back to the story of Abadiania for a moment. Ela Schonfeld, was anointed Daughter of the House of Ignatius Loyola. Thus, she received permission to purchase a bed of crystals from Abadiania with a blessing to serve the people. This gave rise to crystal lamp sessions in Poland, to which Ela returned, so that today her crystals light up hearts across the country. A crystal bed is not a bed of crystals as one might imagine. It is usually a bed used for massages, over which lamps with 7 crystals are suspended. The patient, or session participant, lies down on the bed, closes his or her eyes, and the lamps are turned on and shimmer with 7 colors, thereby activating and synchronizing the human chakras, or energy points, which are associated with the following functions:

  • Root chakra (red color) – located at the base of the spine, is responsible for a sense of security, survival instinct.
  • Sacral chakra (orange color) – located in the genital area. It is responsible for sexuality, creation and vitality.
  • Solar plexus ch akra (yellow color) – is located under the sternum and is associated with control, ambition, relationships with people, self-esteem.
  • Heart chakra (green color) – point located near the heart, is associated with Love, emotions and joy.
  • Throat chakra (blue color) – located near the larynx, is responsible for communication and expression.
  • Third Eye Chakra (indigo color) – located between the eyebrows, is associated with intuition, perception and inner wisdom.
  • Crown chakra (purple color) – this highest point is located above the top of the head. The crown chakra is associated with connection to source, enlightenment, consciousness.

These are, of course, very brief and basic descriptions of each chakra. Their functions, as well as their abnormal work, affect various human conditions and emotional states. A crystal lamp session is aimed precisely at harmonizing and unblocking them, so that the energy flow is pure and undisturbed. Sessions at Ella’s, last an hour, and begin and end with the playing of crystal bowls or a crystal harp. These instruments release a powerful yet subtle sound that supports the process of deepening the state into which the crystals bring. Everyone experiencing such a session, may have a different experience. Some experience physical healing, others spiritual – and the two are deeply interconnected. Undoubtedly, however, for many there is a profound transformation, a sense of peace and relaxation during the session.

Satsang and crystal concerts

Elisabeth Schonfeld also conducts satsangs and performs concerts using crystal bowls and crystal harps. The music induces a pleasant trance state and is a kind of meditation. Satsang is communing with truth. It is a meeting of a group of people, where one of them communicates content that does not flow from his human mind, but is a form of spiritual dialogue whose source goes beyond the physical world. This is the form of spiritual practice that Ela is conducting. Regardless of how many people participate in a satsang, the message touches the soul of each participant, who can discover his or her mastery in himself or herself, at any time. Everyone finds what they need for the moment. Ela also conducts individual sessions, which can be called an intimate satsang. During the meeting, a morphic field – a field of information – is generated. During the session, images and sensations emerge, and the words that are the message flow appropriately to the problem with which the person comes to the sessions. Even if, she does not say what need she came with. All flowing images and other forms of non-verbal communication, are experienced by both the healer and the healed. And while all the events described here seem mysterious, perhaps naive to some, yet the popularity of crystal lamp sessions proves that humans in their physical dimension, need to connect with spirit. I have participated in every practice described here, and I have no doubt about the uniqueness of these encounters. Below are testimonies of people who chose to share their encounters with crystals and Ela.

Reflections of the participants of the crystal sessions

“My journey with the crystals is the feeling of the essence of existence… with no beginning and no end in the absolute feeling ze you are YOU. Identity is gone, all illusion is gone. It’s a moment that lasts forever. It is a profound transformation that I accepted with deep confidence. And each of these words do not reflect the picture of feelings and sensations anyway, because how can we name something that is beyond all definition This must be experienced by yourself, surrender completely and… do not disturb.” – Dorota.

“This cannot be described. Each of us feels the power of crystals in a different way so it is best to experience it for yourself. My first adventure with crystals was amazing. When I was lying under the crystals my body slammed into the bed and even paralyzed it – I couldn’t move. And then there were … oj many aspects. In the middle of the session I felt as if an arrow had pierced my body through and through, passing through the center of my heart. Long after the session I still felt “that arrow” in my body. Six months later when I lay under the crystals again I felt great peace, my body still fit into the bed and I found myself in another dimension surrounded by multicolored light, where the soul left the body and was everywhere and yet nowhere. Complementing all this is Ela, a wonderful person with a beautiful pure heart, filled with love, childlike joy and a captivating smile, wrapped in angelic sounds.” – Lion

“I have experienced the power of healing and well-being support sessions through crystals many times. Each session is unique in its essence. I came to each one with different intentions. On my first crystal journey, I didn’t feel much, I thought. In contrast, each subsequent one brought a palpable deep relaxation, intriguing images. Answers and clues to my life path were emerging. I recommend everyone to allow themselves to experience the energy of the crystal lamp sessions and the enveloping sound of the crystal bowls and harp. You will be guided to this beautiful land by Ela in my Beami lounge.” – Beata.

Elisabeth Schonfeld
Elisabeth Schonfeld Crystal Lamp Light Sessions
crystals/photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Inacio de Loloya House Clinic
Inacio de Loloy’s House Clinic/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Crystal session
Crystal session/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Mountain crystal
Mountain crystal/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Abadiania Brazil
Abadiania Brazil/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
crystal lamps
Crystal lamp sessions/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
crystal bed
Crystal lamp sessions/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Abadiania/ photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
Crystals/photo: Elisabeth Schonfeld
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