Base chakra – the root of the energy system

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Louise Barnett
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The base chakra is the last of the seven chakras in the energy system. It is located below the navel, near the spine. It is the link between our physical body and the world of energy. The base chakra controls our desires and instincts. It is responsible for our sense of security and stability. If the base chakra is blocked, it can cause health problems such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and back problems.

What is the base chakra?

The base chakra or Muladhara is the first of the seven chakras that are related to our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. According to the yoga school, the base chakra is considered to be the root center from which all other chakras branch off. In addition, it is the chakra through which we can become grounded and feel secure.

The base chakra is located at the bottom of the spine, where it connects to the tailbone; it is also located below the pelvis. It is the chakra associated with our physical body and surrounds our foundations, which are essential for our physical and material well-being.

The base chakra is associated with the earth element and is a symbol of stability and security. It is a chakra that can be blocked when we experience anxiety or fear. This condition can lead to a decrease in energy flow and subsequently cause health disorders. In order to unblock the base chakra and get the full flow of energy, meditation practices should be performed.

In meditations regarding the base chakra, we can use visualization of stones: jasper or ruby. Imagine the kundalini energy exiting through the nerve plexus in the lower spine until it reaches the bladder. You may also feel your feelings of self-esteem and satisfaction with life increase.

Practicing base chakra meditation can help heal our physical body and our base of the spine, as it allows energy to flow into the large intestine and small intestine. It can also help us achieve greater stability and self-esteem. To achieve good results, meditate and visualize this chakra regularly.

How to strengthen the base chakra?

To strengthen the base chakra, one must first identify its disorders. This can be caused by low self-esteem, fear of rejection or lack of desire to act. To unblock and heal the root chakra, you can do physical exercises, meditation, yoga postures and other healing exercises. Inhalation is important in working on the root chakra. It should be slow and deep to allow the energy to flow around our energy system. You can also stand, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart on the mat, prone forward, leaning slightly forward and shifting your body weight to your heels.

When it comes to healing exercises, you can write down your thoughts on self-esteem, mindfulness and self-expression. You can also do grounding, which involves touching the ground or behind your feet to get better contact with the ground and achieve a state of balance. Finally, breathing exercises can also be done to achieve better balance in the various chakras and improve the connection between body and mind, as well as improve physical and mental health and increase the will to do things.

Strengthening the base chakra is essential to improve health and balance in our energy system. In order to do so, it is necessary to identify disorders, perform physical exercises, meditation, yoga postures, healing and grounding exercises, and perform breathing exercises. In this way, you can improve the quality of your life and feel better.

Working with the base chakra
How to strengthen the base chakra? / canva

Meditation with the root chakra

Meditation with the root chakra strengthens the vibrations that reach our spinal cord. It is important for us to accept that we can be harmonized with our needs and connect with our inner power with the help of kundalini yoga.

When meditating with the root chakra, we can map all the levels of the root that is in our body. We can chant to feel the energy and stimulate our subtle body. With this meditation, we can perform asanas to feel safe and accumulate vibrations that affect our body, including through the sacro-glandular plexus. As a result of this meditation, we can achieve a sense of happiness and our energy centers will feel inner peace. Before starting the meditation, we can do a squat to push the energy from our root.

Then we can fold into a sitting position, in which our elbow should be straight and our heel acts as a support. At this point, we can feel a sense of security and the earth element. During meditation, we can focus on our internal organs, such as the prostate, to strengthen our mental state. This meditation is a great tool for practicing hatha yoga to restore balance and harmonize our body.

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